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This article list the high-level changes in each Arx Libertatis release. See Project Milestones, Refactoring Arx Fatalis and the bug tracker for some things still left to do.

For a list of differences between Arx Libertatis and the original Arx Fatalis, see Changes from Arx Fatalis.

ℹ️  Tip: if you want a nice short link to a changelog entry use<version>


  • 1.0 "Bloody Gobblers!": Initial release. Game ported to SDL, OpenGL, OpenAL and the amd64 architecture while maintaining native Direct X backends. Fixes some performance issues with newer operating systems, adds more configuration options and improves the interface scaling for widescreen resolutions. (announcement)
    • 1.0.1: Fixes text rendering bug in 1.0 that breaks the Russian version, a crash on some Linux systems and uses DirectX by default for rendering and input under Windows. You can still select the renderer in the video settings and if you set it to anything other than the default "Auto-Select" nothing will change for you. (announcement)
    • 1.0.2: Fixes various crashes, disappearing items when sorting the inventory, and minor rendering and input bugs. This release also fixes a bug that left the Spanish version with no text. (announcement)
    • 1.0.3: Fixes two regressions introduced in 1.0.2 for Windows users: Crashes on startup after selecting the OpenGL renderer and low mouse sensitivity with the DirectInput backend. There are also fixes for other crashes, rendering glitches, missing speech during cinematics in the Russian and Italian versions, missing ambient sound effects as well as bugs in how some skill values were calculated. (announcement)
  • 1.1 "Rhaa Movis": Fixes player movement issues, minimap scaling, and a bunch of crashes and other bugs. We also continued our work on restructuring the engine, to facilitate new features in the future. Further, there is an improved installer for the data files on *nix systems as well as minor graphics and sound tweaks. See the changelog for full details. While we haven't managed to include everything originally planned for 1.1, we felt it was high time for another release after nearly a year of development since 1.0.3. (announcement)
    • 1.1.1: This release is a hotfix addressing a regression introduced in 1.1, that caused map markers to not be saved correctly and then removed when such a save is loaded. We encourage all users of Arx Libertatis 1.1 to upgrade to 1.1.1 as soon as possible. (announcement)
    • 1.1.2: This is another small hotfix, this time to fix a crash when hovering over map markers after the window size or resolution has changed. (announcement)
  • 1.2 "Mega Mega Mega": This release brings improved rune recognition when casting spells, as well as a new bow aim mode. Support for high resolutions and wide monitors is enhanced with configurable HUD and player book scaling. The text and audio language can now be changed in the menu. Further, item physics have been fixed and item dragging has been refined. On top of that, this release adds a console to execute arbitrary script commands. (announcement)
    • 1.2.1: This release is a hotfix addressing an unintended change to the calculation of the player armor class as well as poison and magic resistance. It also restores death screams which were missing for most NPCs and fixes issues with using stacks of potions by dropping them on the player book and fixes number of crashes, performance issues and bugs. This release also restores Windows XP support for the official binaries. (announcement)

Arx Libertatis 1.0 "Bloody Gobblers!"

Released: 2012-04-19 (announcement)

New Features

  • Cross-platform support: Windows, Linux and possibly other UNIX-likes
  • Configurable windowing + renderer, input and audio backends
  • Save game list is sorted so that latest save is at the top
  • Configurable number of quicksave slots
  • Shortcut to toggle windowed and fullscreen mode (default is Alt+Enter)
  • Video config menu displays the aspect ratio along with resolutions
  • Separated window size and fullscreen resolution
  • Added an "automatic" fullscreen resolution setting that always chooses the highest available one
  • Support for system-wide installation and per-user configuration / savegames (follows the XDG Base Directory Specification under Linux)
  • Ported to amd64 architecture
  • A single binary can automatically run the demo or full game data
  • Automatic language detection for the data files
  • Added a crash reporter tool
  • Added tools to extract .pak and savegame files

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed aspect ratio for interface elements when using non 5:4-resolutions (some are still stretched)
  • Fixed various crashes
  • Improved level loading speed by limiting the progress bar update rate

Technical Changes

  • Ported text rendering from Windows GDI to FreeType
  • Removed dependency on the proprietary PKWARE implode library
    • This required changing the savegame format - saves produced by Arx Libertatis cannot be read by the original Arx Fatalis, but Arx Libertatis can still read the original save files.
  • Abstracted windowing framework, with SDL and Win32 implementations
  • Abstracted audio backend, with OpenAL and DirectSound 9 implementations
  • Abstracted input backend, with SDL and DirectInput 8 implementations
  • Abstracted renderer backend, with OpenGL and Direct3D 9 implementations
  • Replaced custom image loading/saving code with DevIL
  • Various code cleanup and performance improvements

Removed Features

Patch 1.0.1

Released: 2012-04-22 (announcement)

  • Fixed garbled text rendering in the Russian version (bug #226)
  • Fixed a crash in the critical error dialog on some Linux systems (crash report #229)
  • Loading files from the graph and misc directories is now case-insensitive
  • Switched to D3D and DInput backends by default on Windows

Patch 1.0.2

Released: 2012-06-14 (announcement)

  • Fixed problems with the unity build under Linux (crash report #243, crash report #245)
  • Fixed crashes and disappearing items when sorting the inventory
  • Crafting now always adds items to an existing stack if there is one (feature request #109)
  • Inventory sorting now works on all bags at once
  • Fixed a script execution error when changing the heartbeat event while executing the heartbeat event
  • Fixed compile errors with older Qt and SDL versions
  • Fixed crashes due to random numbers, mostly occurring on Windows (crash report #258)
  • Fixed a bug in loading the Spanish localization files (bug #259)
  • Fixed transparent objects being drawn in front of opaque objects when a book/note is open (bug #252)
  • Fixed a regression from the original game that made the player super stealthy (bug #262)
  • Fixed a regression in the script timer code (crash report #251)
  • Fixed label for the 'Full screen' checkbox not being shown in the German version
  • Fixed cursor position not aligning with absolute input devices (e.g. tablets) in fullscreen mode (bug #269)
  • Mouse sensitivity setting now only applies to turning the camera, not to cursor movement

Patch 1.0.3

Released: 2012-07-31 (announcement)

  • Fixed crashes on startup after selecting the OpenGL renderer on Windows (crash report #290)
  • Fixed crashes after Alt+TAB-ing out of fullscreen mode on Windows (crash report #274)
  • Added support for graphics cards and drivers that don't support alpha-only textures to the Direct3D renderer (bug #331)
  • Fixed low mouse sensitivity with the DirectInput backend (bug #334)
  • Fixed some effects shining though walls while casting (bug #278)
  • Fixed missing speech in cinematics for the Russian and Italian versions (bug #335)
  • Fixed missing ambient sound effects (bug #341)
  • Fixed the offset for the halo rendered around some equipped rings
  • Improved the .ini parser to deal with broken syntax in the Japanese and Russian localization files
  • Include attribute modifiers when calculating the effective object knowledge and projectile skills (bug #302)
  • Savegames can now be deleted from the save and load menus

Arx Libertatis 1.1 "Rhaa Movis"

Released: 2013-07-14 (announcement)

New Features

  • Added support for multiple simultaneous data directories
  • The --data-dir (-d) command-line option can now be repeated to add multiple data directories
  • Added a --no-data-dir (-n) command-line option to disable system data directories
  • Improved error messages for missing data files (pics)
  • Added an error dialog if the user directory could not be created
  • Enabled up to 8xMSAA (if supported) with the SDL/OpenGL backend (was: 4xMSAA)
  • Ensured that we never request a window size or fullscreen resolution below 640x480
  • Linux: Merged the data install script and set it to be installed it with the arx binary
  • Linux: Added a GUI to the data install script and launch it automatically if needed - you no longer need to use the terminal to install the game data under Linux!
  • Linux: Added support for bundled Arx Fatalis versions to the data install script (bug #348)
  • Linux: Translated the .desktop file to French, German and Russian
  • Restored some unused spell sounds
  • Tweaked color of the Protection from fire (Yok Rune (fire)Kaom Rune (protection)) aura to make it visually different from the aura of the Armor (Mega Rune (increase)Kaom Rune (protection)) spell
  • Windows: Changed default input/windowing/render backends to SDL+OpenGL - DirectX backends may be removed in a future version

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed Am Shaegar accelerating too much during slow frames (bug #185)
  • Increased jump distance to fix some jumps that have become frustratingly hard (bug #413)
  • Replaced DevIL with stb_image for image loading (task #352, see this)
  • Fixed a script evaluation bug when looking up Entity-dependent special variables
  • Fixed a crash when evaluating script variables
  • Fixed a crash caused by entities without an attached 3D object (bug #434)
  • Fixed a crash in the playanim script command (bug #383)
  • Fixed a crash when rendering text ending with two newlines
  • Fixed a crash caused by bad window sizes or font loading / texture creation problems (bug #444)
  • Windows: Fixed crashes and missing sounds due to bad OpenAL implementations by bundling OpenAL Soft (task #435)
  • Linux: Fixed improper handling of set-but-empty $XDG_* variables
  • Merged remaining fixes from Nuky's arx-fatalis-fixed: (task #276)
    • Tweaked portrait render zone in the new game screen
    • Fade out rune symbol flares when switching away from the spell page (Issue 13)
    • Fixed detected NPCs from the current level showing up on all level maps in the book (Issue 12)
  • Fixed missing page turn sound when switching between book pages via hotkeys (F1-F4)
  • Fixed being able to switch to the spell page via prev/next hotkeys before getting any runes
  • Fixed minimap showing a smaller area on higher resolutions (bug #64)
  • Adjusted the RAF cheat to no longer limit the player's caster level to 1
  • Fixed Protection from fire (Yok Rune (fire)Kaom Rune (protection)) spell not respecting the durations supplied by scripts
  • Changed the default duration for Protection from fire (Yok Rune (fire)Kaom Rune (protection)) and Protection from cold (Fridd Rune (ice)Kaom Rune (protection)) spells cast by NPCs from over 30 minutes to 20 seconds
  • Fixed handling of bogus targets in the spellcast script command
  • Turning off the Detect trap (Morte Rune (death)Cosum Rune (object)Vista Rune (vision)) spell no longer turns off Night vision (Mega Rune (increase)Vista Rune (vision))

Technical Changes

  • A lot of code cleanup
  • Removed dependency on Boost.Program_options - Boost is now only needed at build-time. We tried to keep the same command-line argument syntax but there might be slight changes in corner cases. (task #353)
  • Changed to always create a user/config directory in the user's home directory unless explicitly changed with the --user-dir and/or --config-dir options or registry keys. Previously, if no data and user directories were found, the current working directory was used as the user directory.
  • Linux: Added /opt as a system data directory prefix (besides $XDG_DATA_DIRS)
  • Linux: Added arx as a system data directory suffix (besides games/arx)
  • Added the executable directory as a system data directory (bug #242)
  • Improved handling of bad UTF-8 sequences
  • Made the text handling code architecture-independent
  • Enabled C++11 mode for GNU-compatible compilers, if supported
  • Added CMake options to control the custom compiler flags used
  • macOS: Fixed some build issues (YMMV)
  • Fixed build with the Intel C++ compiler
  • Fixed build with some MinGW32 distributions
  • Fixed debug build with libc++
  • Fixed build with CMake 2.8.10
  • Fixed build with MS Visual Studio 2012
  • Added support for building the crash reporter with Qt 5
  • Aligned and tweaked log output

Patch 1.1.1

Released: 2013-07-17 (announcement)

  • Fixed map marker labels not being saved

Patch 1.1.2

Released: 2013-10-17 (announcement)

  • Fixed a crash when hovering over map markers after the window was resized (bug #547)

Arx Libertatis 1.2 "Mega Mega Mega"

Released: 2021-07-13 (announcement)


  • Added an alternate, less strict rune recognition algorithm (enabled by default) (feature request #289, #653)
  • Made rune recognition less dependent on framerate (bug #856)
  • Added an alternate bow aim mode
  • Added gravity to arrows unless fully charged
  • Fixed weapon durability degrading faster at higher framerates (bug #790)
  • Fixed poison and magic resistance bonus from equipment and cheats being ignored in some cases
  • Fixed player ascending infinitely when attacked while levitating (bug #640)
  • Fixed Slow down (Rhaa Rune (decrease)Movis Rune (movement)) spell affecting user interface and input and improve player movement while it is active (bug #534)
  • Fixed hunger dropping below 0% when overeating (bug #132, fix is also applied when loading save files)
  • Higher caster level now makes the Curse (Rhaa Rune (decrease)Stregum Rune (magic)Vitae Rune (life)) spell more effective against NPC Damages, Armor Class and Damage Absorption instead of less effective
  • Calculated Armor Class, Magic Resistance, Poison Resistance and Damages stats now include attribute and skill modifiers from items and spells (bug #322)
  • The Critical Hit chance now includes item and cheat modifiers
  • The Negate magic (Nhi Rune (remove)Stregum Rune (magic)Spacium Rune (field)) spell and effect now correctly follows the target
  • Fixed player not receiving experience for kills by summoned creatures
  • Fixed selection of replacement weapon when the equipped one breaks to select one that is similarly powerful
  • Fixed maximum player Health and Mana ignoring attribute modifiers from items and spells while the MAX or MAR cheats are active
  • Fixed Akbaa not attacking the player after using his tentacle attack twice (bug #584)
  • Fixed spells without mana drain using the mana drain from previous spells
  • Fixed Confuse (Rhaa Rune (decrease)Vista Rune (vision)) spell ending immediately (bug #615)


  • Windows: In multi-GPU setups (Optimus/PowerXpress) the more powerful GPU is now used by default
  • Added a configurable FPS limit independent of vsync, defaulting to the display refresh rate
  • Added a field of view setting (feature request #404)
  • Re-added a fullscreen gamma option (feature request #254)
  • Added support for fullscreen modes with different refresh rates
  • Added anti-aliasing to alpha cutouts (color key anti-aliasing, alpha to coverage and sample shading
  • Added an option to disable anisotropic filtering (feature request #96)
  • Added options to disable view bobbing and camera shake (feature request #405)
  • Fixed missing blob shadows under dragged entities
  • Fixed wrongly displayed light flare when dragging a torch (bug #783)
  • Fixed water and lava not being animated while the night vision spell is active (bug #1053)
  • Fixed scaling of flares around lights with higher resolutions
  • Fixed light flares showing through scene geometry or disappearing when the light is still visible (bug #120)
  • Fixed light flares showing through non-interactive entities (e.g. doors that are opening or closing)
  • Fixed light flares being drawn in front interface elements including notes (bug #1145)
  • Fixed light flares being disabled when the player book is open
  • Fixed flashes, flares and other effects appearing in front of the cinematic border
  • Fixed missing dynamic lighting for far away scene geometry (bug #1213)
  • Fixed amount of sparks, flame and smoke particles depending on the framerate
  • Fixed cinematic light flicker depending on the framerate
  • Fixed VSync setting not being applied until the game is restarted
  • Fixed water and lava animation overlay (bug #512)
  • Fixed map rendering glitches with buggy OpenGL drivers (bug #539)
  • Fixed Negate magic (Nhi Rune (remove)Stregum Rune (magic)Spacium Rune (field)) and Trap (Aam Rune (create)Morte Rune (death)Cosum Rune (object)) spell effects not rotating
  • Fixed overzealous entity culling (bug #588)
  • Fixed weapons and equipment always being drawn in front of the player hands and arms
  • Fixed player hands clipping with walls in first person view
  • Fixed arrow object rotation not matching direction
  • Fixed missing arrow trails (bug #538) and improved the effect (also used in the Speed (Mega Rune (increase)Movis Rune (movement)) spell)
  • Fixed NPC animations not playing when close to the player (bug #270)
  • Fixed missing aura when a protection spell ended before a Lower armor (Rhaa Rune (decrease)Kaom Rune (protection)) on the same target
  • Fixed Ylside blow up effect only disappearing when looking at it (bug #122)
  • Fixed lighting only being updated every other frame (bug #75)
  • Increased depth buffer from 16 bits minimum to 24 bits to prevent Z-fighting (bug #759)
  • Linux: Fixed missing anti-aliasing for some drivers


  • Added options to scale the player book, HUD and cursor with larger resolutions (feature request #391, #996)
  • Added an option to limit speech width on wide screens (enabled by default)
  • Fixed scaling and positioning of magic flares when casting with higher resolutions (bug #535)
  • Fixed scaling of cinematics with higher and wide resolutions
  • Add an option to letterbox or fade out cinematics with wide resolutions (fade by default)
  • Fixed player book and minimap being stretched with wide resolutions (bug #211)
  • Fixed minimap texture filtering changing when hovering map markers (bug #570)
  • Added anti-aliasing to HUD element borders (even without MSAA)
  • Improved quest book text layout
  • Added options to control the in-game font size and weight
  • Increased default font weight for text in the player book and notes to improve readability
  • Improved shop inventory sorting
  • Added crosshair when aiming with a fully charged bow
  • Sorting the inventory now never drops items to the ground
  • Fixed missing quest book background when there are no quest entries (bug #1021)
  • Fixed wrong items being highlighted when in combine mode (bug #121)
  • Add missing item halo when combining items
  • Fixed item halo being displayed in front of dragged items
  • Fixed too small font size at resolutions slightly above 640x480
  • Fixed rendering of runes in the player book
  • Removed light affecting the world when clicking on runes in the book
  • Tweaked how spell/stealth/equipment/torch icons move when opening the inventory
  • Fixed purse halo not showing when selling certain items
  • Fixed health and mana gauges not being hidden during the death animation (bug #806)
  • Fixed position of number in cursor when distributing skill points
  • Fixed level transition icons on the map not being displayed correctly (bug #782)
  • The player book is now closed when returning to mouse look mode (bug #143)
  • Fixed missing characters after forced line breaks in text (bug #718)


  • Added raw mouse input support and an option to control mouse acceleration
  • Fixed border turning (bug #255) and added an option to disable it
  • The "Resume game" menu entry and quickload (F9) now load the last save if no game is running (feature request #45)
  • Added a keyboard shortcut for drinking cure poison potions (not bound by default)
  • Added a keyboard shortcut to enter level transitions (feature request #105)
  • Add an auto ready weapon mode that only triggers on enemies
  • Player book and notes can now be closed using Escape (feature request #409)
  • Improved item drag and drop behavior
  • Improved drag threshold to make it less likely to accidentally drag an item when Shift+clicking it (bug #1225)
  • Fixed being able to exceed item stack size limits in some cases (bug #1111)
  • Added the ability to drop stacks of items to the floor or throw them (feature request #36)
  • Added the ability to pick up stacks of items outside inventories while holding shift (stealth mode shortcut)
  • Items can now be dragged across saves and level transitions
  • Fixed rotation of dragged and thrown entities (bug #591)
  • Fixed invert mouse setting affecting turning via keyboard or screen borders
  • Fixed double-click only working for the first slot in the Action binding (bug #795)
  • Mouse grab now released during cutscenes, conversations and cinematics
  • Fixed mouse not always being centered when exiting mouse look mode
  • Mouse look mode is now cancelled on focus loss to prevent the cursor being continuously warped to the window center


  • Added an option to enable OpenAL Soft's virtual surround (HRTF) support (enabled automatically when using headphones)
  • Re-added environmental audio effects (reverb) using OpenAL EFX (the game uses only one relatively neutral environment)
  • Added a config option to select the audio device (feature request #379)
  • Restored more spell sounds and fixed spell sound positions
  • The Harm (Rhaa Rune (decrease)Vitae Rune (life)), Ignite (Aam Rune (create)Yok Rune (fire)) and Douse (Nhi Rune (remove)Yok Rune (fire)) sound effects now correctly follow the caster/target (bug #740)
  • Added an option to mute audio when the window is not focused
  • Fixed duplicated page turn sound when clicking top tabs in the player book (bug #1125)
  • Fixed casting sound being played on level load when restoring persistent fields of protection
  • Fixed bare handed entity hit sound being repeated each frame
  • Fixed sound position when dousing torches
  • Added missing panning for ambient sounds
  • Audio listener orientation now uses the camera pitch (only noticeable with HRTF)
  • Fixed audio suddenly cutting off when getting too far from sources


  • Added text and audio language options (available languages depend on your Arx Fatalis version)
  • Added German, Italian, Russian and Spanish localization of new menu strings (feature request #1006)
  • Improved customize controls menu:
  • Overwriting bindings no longer moves the old key (bug #717)
  • Key bindings can now be removed using the escape key (feature request #408)
  • Displayed key names now use the current keyboard layout
  • Fixed removing duplicated key assignments
  • Fixed being locked out of the config menu when binding the 'toggle fullscreen' action to the left mouse button (bug #1136)
  • Fixed UI not updating properly when changing key bindings (bug #717)
  • Sliders and option widgets can now be controlled using the mouse wheel or by clicking at the desired position
  • Fixed checkbox mouseover area (bug #528)
  • Fixed disappearing menu textures after resizing the window (bug #275)
  • Fixed slow cursor animation and shorter cursor trail with higher framerates
  • Increased the save thumbnail size
  • Added support for Unicode save names (feature request #1032)
  • Improved editing support in the save name textbox, including copy & paste support
  • Improved date/time display in the save list
  • Added additional highlighting and improved positioning to the credits
  • Added the libraries and tools used for the build to the credits
  • Added support for scrolling the credits using the mouse wheel or keyboard
  • Fixed credits scroll position changing on window size changes


  • Switched to SDL 2 for windowing and input (task #506) - SDL 1 backend will be removed in the next version
  • No longer grabs all keys when fullscreen (with SDL2)
  • The default ("Desktop") resolution now selects fullscreen windowed mode (with SDL2) (feature request #300, #449)
  • Added an option not to minimize the fullscreen window on Alt+TAB (feature request #814)
  • Added a new high-resolution icon
  • Screen saver is no longer inhibited while in the menu in windowed mode
  • Windows: Disabled OS-level DPI scaling (bug #706)
  • Windows: Fixed missing window icon
  • Linux: Translated the .desktop file to Italian and Spanish
  • macOS: Handle Command + Q shortcut to close the window


  • Added support for loading uncompressed FTL files
  • Added a blender plugin for FTL files
  • Added support for extending localization strings in mods
  • Added a ^camera system variable returning the active camera
  • Added a ^dragged system variable returning the item being dragged
  • Added the ^angle* and ^view* system system variables returning the rotation of the player or another entity
  • Fixed ^gamedays system variable to give the number of days since the playthrough start instead of the the number of 10-days
  • Added the -o flag to the spellcast script command to orphan the spell after being cast
  • Added library and python wrapper for decompressing FTL files


  • Added a script console (feature request #356)
  • Added more debug views and made the key binding configurable (feature request #1500)
  • Added --skiplogo, --loadlevel, --loadslot and --loadsave command-line option to skip startup logos or load a level or save file on startup
  • Added support for loading save files by drag & drop
  • Added ability to rename saves to arxsavetool
  • Added a --benchmark command-line option
  • Added a --override-gl command-line option and extension_overrides setting to control used OpenGL extensions
  • Changed to OpenGL debug context and enabled ARB_debug_output for debug builds or with the --debug-gl option
  • Added a config option for the vertex streaming buffer size


  • Added support to arxunpak to extract all resources as seen by the game (default when no arguments are given)
  • Added support to arxunpak to create resource manifests with checksums
  • arxunpak now handles non-ASCII characters in filenames
  • Unix: Added support for different French and Russian Arx Fatalis CD versions to the data install script
  • Unix: Added support for different localized demo versions to the data install script
  • Unix: Fixed support for copying non-English data files from Steam installs in the data install script (bug #829)


  • A lot of code cleanup and various performance tweaks
  • Reduced number of redundant OpenGL state changes
  • Improved vertex upload, now uses persistently mapped buffers when available
  • MSAA is now disabled for interface draw calls where it does not make a difference
  • Optimized particle effect rendering
  • Changed blood rendering to only need one draw command per particle
  • Disabled denormalized floating point numbers on x86 and ARM for better performance
  • Added a performance profiling tool
  • Changed magic missile spell to only use one sound source instead of one per missile
  • Improved CPU usage when the window is minimized
  • Improved pathfinding performance, especially when the target is unreachable (bug #652)
  • Windows: The OpenGL context is no longer re-initialized on resolution changes
  • Unix: Enabled -ffast-math in release builds (was already enabled for MSVC)

Other Fixes

  • Significantly improved the item-world collision test: thrown or dropped items should no longer get stuck in walls, hover above the ground or fall through the ground or walls (bug #50, #556, #956)
  • Fixed screenshot shortcut (F10) always overriding the same file
  • Fixed potential resource leaks
  • Fixed direction of player speech outside cutscenes
  • Save files now correctly store game time for playthroughs longer than 1193 hours (AL 1.1.x and older as well as AF 1.21 simply ignore the additional data)
  • Fixed inconsistent state (weapon equipped while not in combat mode) when loading a save that was created while in combat mode
  • Fixed persistent arrow trails if arrows get outside the world
  • Fixed game time not being reset to 0 when starting a new playthrough after having an old one loaded
  • Fixed ^sender script variable possibly changing during script execution
  • Fixed a buffer overflow when saving with very long script variables
  • Fixed missing black bars in a cutscene in the castle of Arx (bug #1014)
  • Fixed Akbaa tentacle not being hidden when it is supposed to be in the Ylside bunker
  • Fixed crashes with item stack sizes or player gold amounts above 999999
  • Fixed wrat teleport breaking when saving and loading during the teleport
  • Fixed inconsistent weapon attachment when saving while in combat mode (bug #581)
  • Fixed getting stuck in a cutscene in level 5 (bug #1293)
  • Made saving more robust against unexpected filesystem errors (bug #439) or other programs opening the save file (bug #1218)
  • Improved handling of corrupted inventories in save files (bug #1445)
  • Fixed initial player position when starting a new game after already having loaded an existing game (bug #140)
  • Fixed minimap reveal status not being reset when starting a new game (bug #1349)
  • Fixed script variables not getting cleared on new game
  • Fixed an error when a resource file size changed after the game start
  • Fixed various crashes:
  • Fixed a crash when loading saves with more than 1500 entities in a single level (bug #375)
  • Fixed a crash when the entity whose inventory is open is destroyed (bug #843)
  • Fixed a crash when the caster or target of a spell is destroyed (bug #951)
  • Fixed a crash when the entity selected for combining is destroyed (bug #452)
  • Fixed a lockup when throwing items at certain objects
  • Fixed problems when loading save files with bugged entity positions (bug #894, #995)
  • Fixed asserts with very high player stats not obtainable during normal gameplay (bug #942)

Technical Changes

  • Fixed build with CMake 3.5.0 or newer
  • Fixed Windows XP support with newer MSVC versions
  • New dependency: GLM or newer
  • macOS: New dependency: iconutil (from Xcode) or icnsutil for building the .icns icon
  • New crash reporter dependency: WinHTTP / libcurl 7.20.0 or newer
  • Dropped support for CMake < 2.8.3
  • Dropped support for Boost < 1.48
  • Dropped support for Qt < 4.7
  • Added support for using libepoxy instead of GLEW to load OpenGL functions
  • The unity build is now enabled by default
  • No longer stores deleted entities in save files if not needed
  • Added SDL 2 fall-back for error dialogs
  • Cleaned up missing data files error dialog, ask before running arx-install-data
  • Added support for statically linking Freetype and ZLIB
  • Color output is no longer enabled if $NO_COLOR is set or if $TERM is unset or set to "dumb"
  • Added support for setting a runtime libexec search dir different from the install path
  • Added support for the ARX_PATH environment variable under Windows
  • Added support for storing .pak and loose files in a data subdirectory
  • Added support for loading data files relative to the executable
  • Added support for configuring additional data search paths
  • There is now a dialog on crash and the crash report is prepared even if the Qt-based reporter is not available
  • Fixed build on newer macOS versions
  • Save files now track which playthrough they belong to (not used in the UI yet)
  • The arx binary now displays a graphical error dialog when passed bad command-line arguments
  • Changed passwall cheat to bypass culling
  • Removed the need for a custom vertex shader
  • Added support for using OpenGL ES-CM 1.x when desktop OpenGL is not available
  • Add a script warning when a command is missing parameters
  • The Gold linker is used and link time optimizations are now enabled automatically when building from source
  • Enabled address randomization for the main executable in MSVC builds
  • Made .pak loading case-insensitive on all platforms
  • Windows: Added support for statically linking Qt in the crash reporter
  • Windows: Support using a 32-bit crash reporter for a 64-bit arx process
  • Windows: Added Unicode filesystem support (feature request #786)

Removed Features

Patch 1.2.1

Released: 2022-04-10 (announcement)


  • Fixed armor class and magic/poison resistance modifiers being rounded down
  • Fixed being able to use items multiple times by dropping them on the player book (bug #1011)
  • Fixed using stacks of items by dropping them on the player book causing the remaining unused items in the stack to disappear


  • Fixed messed up graphics with the Steam overlay active


  • Fixed missing death screams for most NPCs (bug #1579)
  • Fixed double click sound when unequipping armor


  • Fixed excessively slow performance with "Crisp" Alpha Cutout AA enabled (bug #1595)
  • Linux: Fixed stuttering and freezing in the portable binary release caused by the bundled SDL2 library (bug #1605)

Other Fixes

  • The spellcast animation is no longer played when casting fails
  • Fixed a crash when starting a new game while a game is already loaded
  • Fixed a crash when color-keyed BMP images failed to load (bug #1557)
  • Fixed a crash when the player is given an item while the inventory is full (bug #1570)
  • Fixed a crash when releasing the escape key during the first frame of the main menu (bug #1155)
  • Fixed a crash caused by the flying eye spell (bug #511)
  • Fixed a crash when combining the coin purse with lights
  • Fixed a crash with the `activatephysics` script command (bug #1259)
  • Fixed a crash with the entity debug view (bug #1608)
  • Fixed a crash when passing invalid values to command-line arguments
  • Fixed a hang on startup on some POSIX platforms
  • Fixed formatting for HTTPS links in dialogs
  • Windows: Fixed a crash with Intel graphics and "Crisp" Alpha Cutout AA enabled (bug #1568, #1603)
  • Windows: Restored Windows XP support (bug #1569)

Technical Changes

  • Fixed compatibility with the CMake config installed by SDL 2.0.4+
  • Fixed build without fstatat()
  • Initial flags in CMAKE_REQUIRED_DEFINITIONS are no longer dropped when testing some platform features
  • Platform feature tests no longer fail if they produce generic warnings
  • Fixed libstdc++ assert failures and disabled _GLIBCXX_ASSERTIONS in release builds (bug #1563)
  • Added a workaround for miscompilation bugs in GCC 9.0-9.4 and 10.0-10.3 (bug #1600)

Arx Libertatis 1.3

Released: TBD

For unreleased changes that will be in upcoming versions, check the CHANGELOG file in the git repository.

ℹ️  If you want to try the upcoming changes, grab a development snapshot or compile Arx Libertatis from source code yourself.

ℹ️  As this release is still in development, the changelog is subject to change. See also the list of upcoming fixes on the bug tracker.