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Spoiler warning: duh.

This page describes various cheat codes and items in Arx Fatalis and Arx Libertatis.

Cheat Spells

Cheat spells are enabled using the magic casting interface: Hold down the magic mode key (default: Control) and draw the cheat.

Like other spells, the whole cheat must be drawn without exiting magic mode (or you'll need to start again) and each character needs to be drawn without letting go of the mouse button. Unlike spells however, drawing the wrong symbol is not problematic - just continue until you hit the right one and the sequence will advance.

These symbols are also much harder to draw than normal runes.

The length and position of the lines is irrelevant, only the order of the direction changes matters.

Drawing the runes smaller might help.

Script console

Main article: Script console.

The rune sequence Aam Rune (create)Mega Rune (increase)Stregum Rune (magic)Comunicatum Rune (control)Spacium Rune (field) Aam Mega Stregum Comunicatum Spacium (create increase magic control field) opens a console that can run script commands. The sequence must be in order, but there can be other runes between them (those that do not appear in the sequence at all). You do not need to have the runes to cast this spell.

Casting the spell once unlocks the console, after which it can be opened using the action Script console (`).

Debug builds and development snapshots do not need to use the spell and always start with the console unlocked.

See the script console article for how to use it.

UW mode

Decrease world texture quality.

  1. ↓↘↑
  2. ↓↑↓↗

Printed text if successful:



Randomize player stats every frame. Apply color changes (currently not implemented in Arx Libertatis)

  1. ↑↘↙
  2. ↓→
  3. ↑↘↙
  4. ↓→

Printed text if successful:

! PhilNux & Gluonne !

Big Heads

Increases the head size of characters.

  1. ↙→↙
  2. ↑↘↙
  3. ↙→↙
  4. ↑↘↙

Printed text if successful:


Change player skin

  1. ↑↓↑↓↑↓


Disable collision detection (noclip)

  1. →↓→↓→↓
  2. →↓→↓→↓
  3. →↓→↓→↓

Printed text if successful:

!!! PassWall !!!


Show full map.

  1. ↙→↙
  2. ↗↘↙↖
  3. ↙→↙

Printed text if successful:

!!!_Temple of Elemental Lavis_!!!


Spawn Lord Inut's bow.

Item: graph/obj3d/interactive/items/weapons/bow_mx/bow_mx

  1. ↙→↙
  2. ↗↘←
  3. ↑↘↗↓

Printed text if successful:

!!!_Bow to Samy & Anne_!!!


Spawn Lord Inut's giant sword.

Item: graph/obj3d/interactive/items/weapons/sword_mx/sword_mx

  1. ↑↘↙
  2. ↗↘↙↖
  3. ↑↘↗↓

Printed text if successful:


More cheat items

Can be casted 3 times to spawn:

  1. graph/obj3d/interactive/items/armor/helmet_plate_cm/helmet_plate_cm
  2. graph/obj3d/interactive/items/armor/legging_plate_cm/legging_plate_cm
  3. graph/obj3d/interactive/items/armor/chest_plate_cm/chest_plate_cm

Ten times:

Mega Rune (increase) Mega (increase) Kaom Rune (protection) Kaom (protection)

Printed text if successful:



Note: this cheat is called MR in the code

  1. ↑↘↗↓
  2. ↗↘←
  3. ↑↘↙↘

This cheat also modifies the Summon (Aam Rune (create)Vitae Rune (life)Tera Rune (earth)) spell.


  1. ↑↘↗↓
  2. ↗↘←
  3. ↘←↗

Printed text if successful:


This cheat changes your appearance to the one used by the make special hero cheat. Use the change player appearance cheat if you don't want to keep this one.

This cheat also modifies the Summon (Aam Rune (create)Vitae Rune (life)Tera Rune (earth)) spell.

Boosts player stats and sets the player level to 10.

Causes all spells to use caster level 15 (both player and NPC spells!)


This cheat makes the player a better magic user.

  1. ↑↘↙↘ - there is no feedback
  2. ↗↘← - there should be a visual effect (TODO it seems to be broken)
  3. ↑→ - there should be a visual effect (TODO it seems to be broken)

Printed text if successful:

!!! RaFMode !!!

There is also a magic sound effect on success.


This cheat modifies various player attributes, skills and stats. These modifiers are applied *after* item and spell-based modifiers: They do not affect other relative attribute and skill modifiers, just modify the final value. Attribute modifiers do however count towards the respective attribute-based skill modifiers.

This cheat modifies the following player attributes. Unless otherwise noted, the modifiers from different cheats stack.

Stat Mod Comment
Speed ×1.5 ×2 if combined with the MAR cheat
Mental +10
Casting +100
Ethereal link +100
Object knowledge +100
Magic Resistance +20
Poison Resistance +20
Damages +1
Armor Class +5
Caster level +2 Caster level is increased for everyone

With the RAF cheat you can also cast spells without having the required mana, and no mana is used up.

This cheat also modifies the Magic missile (Aam Rune (create)Taar Rune (missile)) and Summon (Aam Rune (create)Vitae Rune (life)Tera Rune (earth)) spells.

In vanilla Arx Fatalis and in Arx Libertatis 1.0.3 or older, the RAF cheat limited the player's caster level to 1 due to a bug. This has been fixed in newer versions.

Cheat Items

Cheat Bone

This cheat is intended for testing and debugging, be careful when using in a normal game, some items have potentially game breaking effects.

Right at the start of the game after you break out of the cell:


Use the marked bone ten times with the marked chair.


The chair entity 'l2_gobel_chair_02_0004' sends a 'cheat' event to the 'player' entity if it receives ten combine events with entity 'bone_0058' during a limited time.

On receiving the 'cheat' event the message "CHHHHHEEEEEEATER !!!!" is printed, all runes are enable, 200 gold get added, and the following items are spawned:

  • provisions/backpack/backpack
  • weapons/dagger_assassin/dagger_assassin
  • weapons/long_sword/long_sword
  • weapons/sabre_meteor_enchant/sabre_meteor_enchant
  • provisions/lockpicks/lockpicks
  • special/sausagev/sausagev
Sets the player to various places in the quest
COMBINE -> apply state
INVENTORYUSE -> change state
  • special/deed_chicken/deed_chicken
Opens or displays various note texts
COMBINE -> open note
INVENTORYUSE -> change note
  • special/sausage_demo/sausage_demo
Sets the player to various places in the quest
COMBINE -> apply state
INVENTORYUSE -> change state
  • magic/ring_player/ring_player
Changes the player setup to some predefined states
COMBINE -> apply state
INVENTORYUSE -> change state
  • special/trashcan/trashcan
COMBINE -> Destroys entities combined with it
  • provisions/torch/torch
  • provisions/torch/torch
  • weapons/bow/bow
  • weapons/arrows/arrows
  • armor/ylside_armor/ylside_armor
  • armor/ylside_leggings/ylside_leggings

Menu Cheats

Make Special Hero

Create a new character.

Press 10 times Quick generate.

Press 8 times Appearance.

Press Done, the button changes color.

Press Appearance.

Press Done.