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The zoneparam ambiance script command is used to change the active zone ambiance. Ambiances are an Arx-specific format for background music tracks mixed in real time from individual samples.

Zones can have an associated ambiance, which is automatically played when entering the zone. Exiting the zone does not stop the ambiance but entering a different zone with an ambiance fades out the old zone ambiance and fades in the ambiance of the new zone to replace it. The active zone ambiance can also be changed using this command.

Ambiances can also be played manually with the ambiance command, which does not stop any existing zone or script ambiances, allowing multiple ambiances to be played simultaneously. The ambiance kill invocation stops all ambiances, including the active zone ambiance.


zoneparam ambiance <ambiance>

Context: Ignored


ambiance path Path of the .amb file to play, relative to sfx/ambiance and may omit the .amb extension