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This page lists bugs that affect Arx Libertatis under Linux, but is caused by other software or it's packaging and thus cannot be properly fixed by us. Please contact the upstream maintainers about getting these issues fixed.

Unconditional use of SSE3 instructions in DevIL 1.7.8

ℹ️  This section is no longer relevant in Arx Libertatis 1.1 and later, as DevIL has been replaced with stb_image

If you have an older CPU that does not support SSE3 instructions, Arx Libertatis 1.0.3 or earlier may crash with an "Illegal instruction" error. In most cases, this is caused by incorrect packaging of DevIL (though DevIL itself is to blame here too as it uses SSE3 by default). If you have a newer CPU (especially a 64-bit one) this bug does not affect you.

Upstream report: Illegal instructions due to SSE compile options - ID: 3520344

To see if your distribution is affected refer to the following table:

Distribution Status Bug report
Arch Linux fixed in devil-1.7.8-11 (disabled sse3 for x86) FS#29590
Debian broken #572954
Fedora fixed in DevIL-1.7.8-9.fc17 (disabled sse3) Bug 815629
Gentoo Linux fixed by adding sse, sse2 and sse3 USE flags Bug 412791
openSUSE fixed in libIL-1.7.8-11 (disabled sse3) Bug 758713
Ubuntu broken Bug #987634

Please vote on the upstream bugs as applicable if you want this to be fixed faster for your distribution. Especially Debian doesn't seem to care as their bug report is over two years old. If you use another distribution, please verify that the bug has not been fixed and then file a bug in the appropriate bug tracker and add it to this table.

If you use our portable Arx Libertatis binaries you should be fine.

If you compile DevIL from source you need to use ./configure --disable-sse3 (and possibly --disable-sse2 and --disable-sse too) to allow DevIL to be used with older CPUs.

Broken window resizing with SDL 1.2.15

The current version of libsdl has a regression that causes resize events initiated by the user to not be propagated if both width and height are changed at the same time (ie, when resizing the window from the corner). The window is still resized, but the contents are not changed accordingly. Maximizing the window, switching between fullscreen and windowed mode or changing fullscreen modes is not affected. Older versions of SDL (1.2.14 or earlier) are not affected.

Upstream report: Bug 1430 - SDL_VIDEORESIZE events not received when resizing window from the corner

The SDL developers have not yet responded to this issue, but it has been fixed in some Linux distributions:

Distribution Status Bug report
Arch Linux fixed in version 1.2.15-3 FS#30650
Debian fixed in version 1.2.15-3 #665779
Gentoo Linux fixed in media-libs/libsdl-1.2.15-r1 Bug 411539

If you know the status of this bug for your distribution, please add it here.

If you use our portable Arx Libertatis binaries you should be fine.

If you compile SDL from source you can use the debian patch to revert the offending commit and fix this issue.

Rendering bug with the r600g driver in mesa 7.11

There is a known rendering bug with the r600g gallum3d driver in mesa 7.11. The classic non-gallium driver is not affected. The bug is not present in mesa 7.10.3 and is fixed in newer versions.

Player book character rendering bug with the radeonsi driver in mesa

AMD players with recent versions of Mesa may encounter broken rendering of the character and runes in the player book if anti-aliasing is enabled - Mesa 20.3 to 21.1.1 are known to be affected. There is already a fix pending and it is expected that this will be fixed in the next release.

Upstream report: Bug 4613 - [radeonsi] Incorrect rendering when using glDisable(GL_MULTISAMPLE) with multisample backbuffer