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A mission statement for the project.

Arx Libertatis - To update and improve Arx Fatalis to bring it up to par with modern implementations of similar games.

Basic Project Goals

  • Update the Arx Fatalis source code to support modern systems
  • Improve portability of the game
  • Provide ports and on-going support in source for modern systems
  • Eliminate bugs or limitations of the original
  • Improve basic functionality to bring the engine on-par with similar modern games
  • Provide for further improvements and customizations to be made to the game by the community

Project Milestones

Achieved Milestones

Version 1.0: "Bloody Gobblers!"

  • Core upgrades for compatibility with modern systems
  • Direct support for Linux and Windows

Version 1.1: "Rhaa Movis"

  • Continued bug fixes

Anticipated Milestones

The following are anticipated features but not yet fixed or fully decided upon.

Milestone 2: "?" idea: make it fast

  • Hardware lighting
  • Hardware transform
  • Modern shader support
  • Debugging tools (profiling hooks for cpu & memory usage, debug hud)
  • Improved scripting (in-game console, launch script)
  • Game editor with a modern implementation (using Qt)
  • Support for more CPU architectures

Milestone 3: "?" idea: make it shiny

  • General portability (potentially tablets and mobile devices)
  • Improved graphics
  • Improved audio
  • Improved input support and configuration
  • Texture processing (alpha smoothing, re-synthesis, interpolation)
  • Modern user interface

Milestone 4: "?" idea: extend it

  • Hardware physics support, modern physics library
  • Previously missing features and assets
  • Audio processing effects such as reverb
  • Improved formats support (3d models, textures, audio, etc)

Milestone 5: "?" idea: make it reusable

  • Support for community resources (3d models, textures, audio, scripts)
  • Support for mods to currently static core features (spells, characters, physics, graphical effects)
  • Support for completely new "story mods" with custom features, scripts and resources

Open questions

  • Replacement for scripting system
  • Patching system for asset collections

While answering these and creating milestone wiki pages we're sure to come up with more.