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This article tries to answer the most important questions about Arx Libertatis that might frequently come up.

How do I play Arx Fatalis using Arx Libertatis?

Main article: Download.

The easiest way is to grab a pret-built release version or development snapshot.

Alternatively you can compile Arx Libertatis yourself.

Do I need a copy of Arx Fatalis to play Arx Libertatis?

Main article: Getting the game data.

Yes. While the engine of Arx Fatalis was open-sourced, this does not include the game data. See Getting the game data. Arx Libertatis also works with the data from the Arx Fatalis demo if you want some gratis content to test Arx Libertatis with.

Can I launch Arx Libertatis with Steam, counting play time for Arx Fatalis?

Main article: Steam.

Yes. On windows, simply install Arx Libertatis into Steam's Arx Fatalis install directory. On Linux you need to configure Steam to launch a native copy of Arx Libertatis.

Unfortunately, the Steam Overlay does not work with Arx Libertatis on Windows at this time.

Is this project supported or endorsed by Arkane or ZeniMax?

No. Arx Libertatis is based on the publicly released Arx Fatalis source code, but other than that is in no way associated with Arkane Studios or ZeniMax Media Inc.

What is the project goal of Arx Libertatis.

Main article: Mission statement.

Our goal is to update and improve Arx Fatalis to bring it up to par with modern implementations of similar games - see the Mission statement for details. Before the first release, our focus has been on porting the game and fixing issues with modern operating systems, but we plan to do more in the future.

Are there any other Arx Fatalis-related projects?

Main article: Arx Fatalis mods.

As of this writing, there are no other active projects working on the GPLed Arx Fatalis sources, but some past work is listed in Version control repositories.

There was the now-defunct Arx - End of Sun mod for Doom III (archived, ModDB page) as well as the Arx Catalyst project.

However, there are a number of Arx Fatalis mods that can be used with or without Arx Libertatis, some of which are still actively developed.

Also, while not related to Arx Fatalis, a similar project called OpenMW exists for Morrowind. Morrowind and Arx Fatalis are both directly influenced by Ultima Underground so the OpenMW project may be of interest to some Arx Fatalis players as well.

What changes are there in Arx Libertatis compared to vanilla Arx Fatalis?

Main article: Changes from Arx Fatalis.

Please see the Changes from Arx Fatalis page or the Changelog for a full list of modifications.

What Operating Systems does Arx Libertatis support?

Arx Libertatis is mainly developed on Windows and Linux, so those operating systems will receive the most testing. However, we strive for maximum portability and the game has been successfully run on macOS and FreeBSD.

What hardware architectures does Arx Libertatis support?

Currently Arx Libertatis can only be run on x86 and amd64 systems, but we plan to provide support for other architectures in the future. Arx Fatalis requires an OpenGL 1.5 or OpenGL ES-CM 1.x-compatible video card or software emulation.

Can savegames from the original Arx Fatalis be used with Arx Libertatis?

Yes. Unlike the original Arx Fatalis, savegames are stored in per-user locations rather than the installation directory (although that mode is supported too for portable setups). Move or copy the save directory to the user directory described in Data directories. The filenames need to be converted to lower-case or Arx Libertatis might not find them.

However the reverse is not true: Due to the proprietary compression algorithm used by Arx Fatalis, savegames written by Arx Libertatis cannot be loaded in the original game. The technical changes to the save format are detailed in Save file format.

Are there any Arx Libertatis discussion forums?

We don't have our own forums, but there are various forums for Arx Fatalis:

However, the best way to contact the Arx Libertatis developers is the IRC channel.

How can I contribute to Arx Libertatis?

First of all, thanks for wanting to help out.

The most obvious way to contribute is to improve the code: For smaller or one-time contributions, the quickest way is to fork the repostitory on GitHub and then send a pull request with the changes. For longer contributions, feel free to ask for commit access in the IRC channel.

Another way to help out is by improving this wiki. Feel free to edit away - if in doubt, you can always ask on the IRC channel.

We are also welcome to suggestions and improvements to the website, logo and other artwork.

In the long run, we plan to upgrade the in-game graphics. Any help is appreciated.

Finally, testing the game and reporting detailed bug reports or promoting the project helps a lot. Linux users can also create packages, or bug the maintainers of their favorite distribution to create arx-libertatis packages or include existing ones in the appropriate repositories.

This list is not meant to be complete - if you have any other ideas just ask in the IRC channel.

I have found a problem with Arx Libertatis or arx-libertatis.org - what now?

Please open a bug report in our issue tracker.

I have found a problem with this wiki - what now?

You are welcome to create an account and edit the articles here yourself. Also see the Wiki FAQ. If in doubt, ask in the IRC channel.

I have a question that isn't answered here

Feel free to contact us in the IRC channel or one of the Arx Fatalis discussion forums.