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This article contains all information about the #arxfatalis IRC channel.

Purpose of the channel

  • Real time developer communication
  • Easiest way to stay in regular contact for the currently active developers


  • Be outspoken. There is no need to be shy. It's easy to overlook new channel guests who just join the channel but don't say a word. A simple "Hi, I'm <name>", often does wonders.
  • Don't ask to ask. Shoot right away.
  • Be patient. A popular misconception of IRC is that people will reply within 10 seconds to new people who have just joined the channel. If you're outspoken and a bit patient, you'll get the attention of one of the developers. Often rather within 10 minutes, not within 10 seconds though.
  • Follow the network policies!

Regarding patience, it also isn't commonly recognized that what you say in the channel is logged and usually read by members as they come online. Any issues you have or comments and discussion you want to provide can be typed directly into the channel even when you and the bot are the only ones there. However if you do leave before getting an answer, please tell us if you will check the logs for later answers or we may assume that you aren't aware of them.

This is better than direct e-mail communication because it doesn't limit the conversation to only the direct participants, similar to a mailing list. See IRC_channel#Channel logs.


Connect using any IRC client.

Browser-based IRC client

You can join the #arx IRC channel in your web browser.

Matrix bridge

Libera.Chat is bridged with the Matrix network and you can chat in the #arx channel by joining the room.

Channel logs

We've decided to acquire an IRC logging bot so you don't have to stay logged in 24/7.

The logs can be found here:

IRC log timestamps are in UTC.


It's often useful to share code snippets or log files on the channel. Pastebins provide an easy way to exchange these kind of snippets without flooding the IRC channel. Simply paste the URL of your pasted text into the channel instead of the text itself.

We prefer to use gist as standard pastebin for #arxfatalis: