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This page lists Arx Fatalis mods - game modifications made by Arx Fatalis community.

Also check the Arx Fatalis pages on ModDB and (requires an account to download mods) as well as and if there are any mods not listed here feel free to add them.

ℹ️  If any of the download links are unavailable or you are looking for an older version of a mod, you should be able to find a copy here:


See Arx Fatalis tools.

Source ports and reimplementations

Unofficial translations

Polski (Polish)

Türkçe (Turkish)

한국어 (Korean)

General overhauls

This section lists mods that have extended changes to both gameplay and graphics.

Arx Insanity Overhaul

Description: "ARX INSANITY is a remaster and immersive sim mod for Arx Fatalis. Improved gameplay, remastered and detailed HD graphics, enhanced lighting, expanded lore, quests, remastered soundtrack, original music, overhauled sounds, environmental effects and thousands of total changes. Adding new elements inspired by Arkane games and style, you can play with a variety of new approaches and choices."

Official website | ModDB page | Discord server

Gameplay modifications

This section lists gameplay modifications for Arx Fatalis and/or Arx Libertatis.

Arx Better Balance Mod

Arx Extended Mod

Description: "The long term objective of this mod is to make the game a little less linear and add enough features to increase its replayability value. So far, there's only a number of NPCs affected but a lot of item related stuff in this mod. Eventually, most of Arx will be affected by this mod."

ModDB page | (requires account to download) | See the forum thread and readme file for a detailed list of changes.

Arx - Second Life Mod

Description: "I started this mod as improving of game balance, but it also contains graphical improvements, new weapons, new weapon crafting and other interesting things. It's not final version - it's still beta. In general, this mod makes game more interesting and little more difficult." - see link for details.

Instruction for installation and description of known bugs are in the readme file (which is in the archive).

ModDB page

Arx Enchant and Balance Mod

Description: This mod will add many new enchantments and rebalance Stealth and Casting penalites on weapons and armor.

Instant Level Change Mod

Description: With this mod you can go to another level by simply "walking" through the stairs, without having to click on the "change level" icon.

ℹ️  With newer Arx Libertatis versions you can achieve the same effect by setting the Quick level transition option under Control settings to Immediate

Potion Guard

Description: "Arx Fatalis mod to prevent accidental waste of potions when player health or mana is full."

GitHub repo

Damage Displayer

Description: "An Arx Fatalis mod that shows the player how much damage he dealt to an enemy"

GitHub repo

Item Respawner mod

Description: "A simple Arx Fatalis mod that makes plants respawn in 2 minutes after picking them up or consuming them"

GitHub repo

Lockpick Mod

Description: With this mod you can combine lockpicks with different values (durability) and create a new lockpick with the durability equal to the sum of the values from the other lockpicks (up to a maximum of 25). Examples:

  • 2 sets, one with 4 durability and one with 5 durability will result in a new 9 durability set
  • 3 sets, two with 10 durability and one with 4 durability will result in a new 24 durability set
  • 2 sets, one with 15 durability and one with 20 durability will result in a new 25 durability set and another one with 10 durability

To do this you just need to double-click one lockpick and then click on the other lockpick.

Original Announcement

Portable Containers

Description: "Adds various portable containers in the game. Like any other containers, they can be used to store stuff."

Stacks Maps and Tweaks

Description: "Stacks most items to a maximum of 20, makes some items stack when they didn't before, improves the visual look of map and minimap transition points, fixes a few bugs with those too. Adds level names to the loading screens, English localisation changes, fixes missing item names, adds new items names and other on screen text."


STACKS, MAPS & TWEAKS MOD - For Arx Fatalis by Soopytwist ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** IMPORTANT: This mod requires Arx Libertatis! *** Q. What's all this then? A. A mod that makes most inventory items stack to 20 (instead of 10) and makes some items stack that didn't before. Q. Is that all? A. Nope. It also improves and fixes a few bugs with the in-game maps (both minimap and full maps). Q. Anything else? A. Yes. Some localisation text has been changed, e.g the portal transport names match the new map names. Q. "New map names"? A. Correct, the images that appear when a map loads now displays the level number and location that is about to load. Q. So less likely to get lost and confused eh? A. Absolutely! Q. Anything else I should know? A. Sure, check it out:- Other modifications: - Inut's Sword and Bow now have proper names and descriptions. - Inut's Giant Sword damage has been doubled and strenth requirement is 15 instead of 18. - Inut's Magic Bow is orientated vertically in the inventory. - Two-handed sword mould in the Dwarf Factory is orientated vertically the same as the sabre mould. - Book text in the Arx Palace for mixing mana potions now says powdered "Morning Glory" instead of "lily". - Added a brief chapter on enchanting to the same book as above, so players have an understand of this before they find the Ultimate Weapon book. - All enchantable weapons, armour and shields have better descriptions once enchanted (e.g DMG+20 +Strength 3) - Various item name replacements and better descriptions. - Liches can no longer cast Curse and insta-kill the player. - Putting on Ylside armour no longer plays Kultar's voiceover and cut-scene due to being able to trigger it at inappropriate moments. - New book "The Mysteries of Finance. By Ottoman Nodge" replaces the placeholder book about money. Q. We done? A. Yes, now go play. But remember to start a new game! Q. Oh, why's that then? A. No idea, the game seems to chose what works for exsiting saves and what doesn't. Annoying I know but also unavoidable. Q. Well that sucks. A. That wasn't a question, but yes I agree. It does suck. Daniel May 27/10/2021 (requires account to download)

Spider Poison Mod

Description: "A feature already in the files, this mod makes it possible to get poison from Spiders. I just made some changes and reactivated this feature. Not compatible with Arx Extended Mod."

Rune Randomizer

Description: "A simple Arx Fatalis mod for randomizing runes that you pick up"

GitHub repo

Pump that chicken!

Description: "An Arx Fatalis mod that makes the "clicking on chickens" mechanism a bit more interesting

Don't click on the chicken too fast!"

GitHub repo


Description: "An experiment with third-person camera modes and a dog"

  • Doggodoggo.zip12.3 KiB
    MD5: 034abf2c8b1a502f461cc7ba63d7e013

Graphics modifications

This section lists non-gameplay modifications for Arx Fatalis and/or Arx Libertatis.

Arx Neuralis

Description: "Arx Neuralis — HD texture pack for Arx Fatalis. All textures are original, so the atmosphere is preserved, upscaled to 16x resolution with neural networks, and then downscaled to 50%. All textures are upscaled, except for FX(magic, fire, etc, problems with transparency) and some interface elements(problems with scaling)."

ModDB page | (requires account to download)

GG41 Texture Upscale for Arx Fatalis

Description: "x4 texture upscale for Arx Fatalis. Made using 4xLSDIRDAT from OpenModelDB

Contains a reworked main menu background, brightened image cutscene textures and some other stuff. To install, you'll need to download Arx Libertatis (tested on a development snapshot), and unpack the mod archive into the game folder."

ModDB page

Texture Overhall (Using Meta and Google AI Upscaling)

Description: "Up-scaled using the latest AI Up-scaling (2023)

Most textures with transparency issues have been removed from the pack in V1.1, if your playing a find a texture that looks off simply deleting it from the folder with cause it to revert to the in game original." (requires account to download)

Arx Improved Maps

Description: "A minimap and map mod that makes the background transparent."


This is a simple map edit that makes the white background cluttering the minimap and map completely transparent. Which means you only see the areas where you are able to move.

This will make your minimap and map look clean and less noisy.

Simply place the Graph folder in your Arx Fatalis folder.

But keep in mind, that if you already have a levels folder inside the Graph folder, you need to delete the levels folder, since these files are .png and doesn't overwrite the .bmp files or jpg files, if you have any. If not, you're good to go.

I used the map.bmp files from soopytwist's Stacks Maps and Tweaks Mod, converted them to map.png and made background transparent. So please credit him and check out his mod, as it has some great features. (requires account to download)

Golden armor fix

Description: "Makes the golden armor visible in the questbook

The armor can be aquired by defeating an Ylside MX or by using the MEGA + KAOM × 20 cheat.

The armor requires 18 strength and it's not identifiable."

GitHub repo

RTX.conf for Arx Fatalis

RTX Remix conf file for Arx Fatalis. For more information NVIDIA's modding platform, see the games profile.

Complete Darkness

Description: "Turns off the pre-calculated lighting for the levels turning it completely dark where there are no light sources. Compatible with other mods! The mod now has 2 versions: one where torches are still lit and one where torches are turned off. Pick whichever you fancy!"


  • Torches will not be turned off, if you reload a savefile and revisit a location, that you have already visited
  • Entities will still glow a bit, but it's hardcoded into the game, that can't be changed

ModDB page

Play as Female

Description: "The female model had full game animations including spell casting, however it was never implemented.

20 years latter.....

Known issue: Some male NPC's without shirts will have breast or other model irregularity's." (requires account to download)

Nude Skins by Denadin

Description: "All Female characters nude and topless Lady Snake."

Arx Fatalis Nude Skins

Description: "This mod strips the human female characters. Credits: fuzzydodge."

Nude Female NPC's

Description: "Changes the NPC's with Dresses to the base nude female included in Arx Fatalis

Includes an up scaled texture only for the nude female and base female face. See the upscale pack for all up scaled textures" (requires account to download)

  • Nude Female NPC 1.0Nude Female NPC-9-1-0-1688126337.zip12.1 MiB
    MD5: 372f280e3f149e9574d537561fae0ee9

Additional content

This section lists mods that add additional levels, quests, NPCs and/or creatures.

Restored outpost and tavern

Description: "An alternative version of the Outpost/Tavern level of Arx Fatalis aiming to restore how it looked during the game's development"

GitHub repo

Alia's Nightmare

Description: "An Arx Fatalis map where you need to escape Alia's horroristic nightmare"

GitHub repo


Description: "An Arx Fatalis map where you can make your own music with a sequencer"

GitHub repo

The Backrooms of Arx Fatalis

Description: "If you're not careful and no-clip out of reality in wrong areas, you'll end up in the Backrooms, where it's nothing but the stink of moist carpet, the madness of mono-yellow, and endless background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz, and approximately six hundred million square miles of randomly segmented empty rooms to be trapped in. God save you if you hear something wandering around nearby, because it sure as hell has heard you…"

Living Statue NPC

Description: "Based on SCP-173 or the Crying angels from Dr. Who, the statue from the crypts have risen and is a deadly foe that you cannot escape from."

ModDB page

LaLee's minigame

Description: "An Arx Fatalis map to promote "LaLee's Games" youtube channel"

GitHub repo | ModDB page

Ambience gallery

Description: "A simple Arx Fatalis map for exploring the game's ambiences"

GitHub repo


Description (Hungarian): "A GYOMORKIB@SZÁS MESTERE

Nagy Lacira rájár a rúd mostanában.... A sok Live után a volt párja feljelentette és hirtelen a Venyigébe találja magát. Del piero tesójával karöltve szökik meg a börtönből és kiderül hogy az egész szituáció a gonosz Kancsi varázsló műve. Vágj bele a Tétényi úti harcos kalandjaiba és találkozz olyan neves videósokkal mint pl.: Rugós Beke, Sárkány Jutka, vagy a híres Trash csoport!"

ModDB page


Buscemi eyes

Description: "An Arx Fatalis texture pack which gives the super baggy eyes of Steve Buscemi to the player and every NPC that has eyes"

GitHub repo

Giovanni Giorgio

Description: "Makes the fisherman in the city of Arx say the famous line from Daft Punk's song 'Giorgio by Moroder'

Why? Shitposting in the form of an Arx Fatalis mod."

GitHub repo

It is Wednesday, my dudes!

Description: "An Arx Fatalis mod that celebrates Wednesdays by upgrading the behavior of frogs

The mod replaces the sound of the frogs and makes them 5 times bigger."

GitHub repo

Snoring Menace

Description: "A simple Arx Fatalis mod that boosts all in-game snoring sounds to be more irritating"

GitHub repo