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Attributes are the most basic player stats - they can be increased when the character levels up, but are not affected by any other stats. There are four different attributes in Arx Fatalis:

Name Shorthand Alias Affected Skills
Strength Str Object knowledge (0.5), Close combat (2), Projectile (1)
Mental Men Mind Technical (1), Intuition (2), Ethereal link (2), Object knowledge (1.5), Casting (2)
Dexterity Dex Stealth (2), Technical (1), Object knowledge (0.5), Close combat (1), Projectile (2)
Constitution Con Defense (3)

The raw attribute values without any modifiers are known as raw_<attribute>.

Absolute Item-based Attribute modifications

Equipped items can add or remove attribute points:

modabs_<attribute> = ∑<item>[ modabs(<item>, <attribute>) ]

Relative Item-based Attribute modifications

Alternatively, equipped items can also add or remove a percentage of the attribute points:

modrel(<item>, <attribute>) = modpercent(<item>, <attribute>) / 100
modrel_<attribute> = ∑<item>[ modrel(<item>, <attribute>) ] * ( raw_<attribute> + modabs_<attribute> )

Spell-based Attribute modifications

Curse/bless spells subtract/add one point per caster level for all attributes. Other spells don't modify attributes.

modspell(<attribute>, Curse,   <caster_level>) = -1 * <caster_level>
modspell(<attribute>, Bless,   <caster_level>) = 1 * <caster_level>
modspell(<attribute>, <spell>, <caster_level>) = 0
modspell_<attribute> = ∑<spell>,<caster_level>[ modspell(<attribute>, <spell>, <caster_level>) ]

Full Attributes

full_<attribute> = max(0, raw_<attribute> + modabs_<attribute> + modrel_<attribute> + modspell_<attribute> + cheats)

These are the values displayed in the player book.