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Summoning a Demon
Summon spell
Mana cost
20 (level 1-8)
80 (level 9+)
Mana drain
Script name

Runes: Aam Rune (create)Vitae Rune (life)Tera Rune (earth) Aam Vitae Tera (create life earth)

Description: Summon a demon. Note that once the demon is summoned, its behavior is unpredictable. [e]


Casting this spell while in stealth mode might alert enemies to your presence.

A summoned a Demon
A summoned Wrat
A Wrat attacking the player
A summoned Ylside (MX)
An Ylside (MX) attacking the player
A Chicken. No, not a summoned one - I was too lazy to find a low-level character with the required runes.

The goal of this spell is to summon a Demon to help fight your enemies. However, characters with a caster level less than 9 are not powerful enough to conjure Demons and instead must settle for the next best thing - a Chicken. A more sensible option for low-level casters is the Raise dead (Aam Rune (create)Morte Rune (death)Vitae Rune (life)) spell. Casters of all levels also have a small chance of being surprised by a Wrat or Ylside (MX).

Now take care before casting this spell though as the summoned creature is usually grumpy (Wouldn't you be?) and may choose to attack the caster. If you are greeted by a demon, this isn't a big problem though - you can banish the beast to whatever abyss it calls home simply by canceling the spell. However, that would be a waste of the mana you spent for that summon spell - better cast Control demon (Movis Rune (movement)Comunicatum Rune (control)) on that sucker to make it your attack dog.

Other summoned creatures cannot be dismissed so easily. If your new minion doesn't like it's new would-be master you might just have to fight it. But then that's what you get for playing with fire. Well, not literally fire - fire spells are much less likely to turn on you.


If the player's caster level less than 9, the following creatures are summoned:

Creature Probability Persistent Scale Speed
Chicken 97.412882%
Wrat 2.287118% 1.65 +1
Ylside (MX) 0.300000%

For players with a spell caster level of 9 or above, the following creatures are summoned:

Creature Probability Persistent Scale Speed
Demon 99.400900%
Ylside (MX) 0.300000%
Wrat 0.299100% 1.65 +1

The Persistent column indicates if the creature stays summoned when the spell ends or is canceled.


Spoiler warning: This section describes how this spell is affected by cheats.

The probabilities for the spawned creatures are affected by the RAF (increases chance of wrats), MAX (increases chance of ylsides) and MAR (increases chance of both ylsides and wrats) cheats. Also, a cheat variant with different creature probabilities exists: Mega cheat (Mega Rune (increase)Mega Rune (increase)Mega Rune (increase)Aam Rune (create)Vitae Rune (life)Tera Rune (earth))

The entity class to spawn is chosen according to the following pseudocode:

     if( is mega cheat         ) choose evenly between y_mx and wrat;
else if(         chance( 0.3%) ) spawn y_mx;
else if( MAX AND chance(20.0%) ) spawn y_mx;
else if( MAR AND chance(70.0%) ) spawn y_mx;
else if(         chance( 0.3%) ) spawn wrat;
else if( RAF AND chance(20.0%) ) spawn wrat;
else if( MAR AND chance(70.0%) ) spawn wrat;
else if( l<9 AND chance( 2.0%) ) spawn wrat;
else if( l<9                   ) spawn chicken;
else                             spawn demon;

where chance() chooses randomly based on the given chance of success. This gives the following (rounded) probabilities for each entity class depending on the caster level and used cheats:

Level Cheats Demon Chicken Ylside (MX) Wrat
1-8 97.41% 0.30% 2.29%
RAF 77.93% 0.30% 21.77%
MAX 77.93% 20.24% 1.83%
MAX RAF 62.34% 20.24% 17.42%
MAR 8.77% 70.09% 21.14%
MAR RAF 7.01% 70.09% 22.90%
MAR MAX 7.01% 76.07% 16.92%
MAR MAX RAF 5.61% 76.07% 18.32%
9+ 99.40% 0.30% 0.30%
RAF 79.52% 0.30% 20.18%
MAX 79.52% 20.24% 0.24%
MAX RAF 63.62% 20.24% 16.14%
MAR 8.95% 70.09% 20.96%
MAR RAF 7.16% 70.09% 22.75%
MAR MAX 7.16% 76.07% 16.77%
MAR MAX RAF 5.73% 76.07% 18.20%
Mega cheat 50.00% 50.00%

There is also an internal Fake summon spell that is used by scripts to simulate the visual effects of this spell without actually spawning any creatures.


A visual effect similar to the flash obscuring the spawning can be achieved with the specialfx player_appears command.