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The stealnpc script command is used to set the inventory that the player can steal from for an entity. The calling entity's secondary inventory is made available via the pickpocketing icon in the HUD. Only one entity can be stolen from at any time and the previous entity that called stealnpc is notified via the steal off event unless it is no longer in pickpocketing range. The steal event is also sent to the calling entity when the player opens its inventory via the pickpocketing icon or closes it again.

The player can only steal items with a steal value set to something other than 0 or 100, and only if the players full_stealth is at least as big as the steal value. Items that cannot be stolen are displayed as graph/interface/icons/cant_steal_item repeated for all slots covered by the item.

The steal entity is reset if the player gets too far away or if the player started stealing and the inventory is closed either by the player or using closestealbag or inventory close.



Context: Any Entity