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The steal script event is sent by Am Shaegar (player) to the owning entity when opening or closing a non-player inventory by pickpocketing. When opening the inventory this event has no parameters and ^$param1 is empty. When closing it is sent with the parameter ^$param1 set to off.

When the inventory is being opened by then this event is followed by a inventory2_open event with no parameters. When closing, it is preceded by a inventory2_close event with no parameters which is sent immediately when the inventory starts closing while steal off is only sent after the inventory is closed completely.

ℹ️  steal off is currently also sent whenever the stealnpc entity changes or when closing any inventory while a steal entity is available, even when the inventory of the steal entity was never opened. When the event is sent due to a stealnpc call then the sender is original sender of the event that resulted in that call instead of the player.