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This page lists custom templates available in this Wiki, Besides those the following installed MediaWiki extensions also provide parser functions:


Code Description Example
{{About|some stuff|other stuff|Main Page}}
Link to disambiguation pages
This article is about some stuff. For other stuff, see Main Page.
{{Main|Main Page}}
Link to a page with more details for a section
Main article: Main Page.
{{Box|some text}}{{Box|some other text}}
Split page horizontally
some text
some other text
{{Notice|Hello World!}}
Add an important notice

Hello World!

{{Warning|Here be dragons}}
Add a warning

Here be dragons

{{SpoilerWarning|Sean Bean dies}}
Add a warning about spoilers

Spoiler warning: Sean Bean dies

{{wp|Arx Fatalis}}
Link to a Wikipedia article Arx Fatalis


Code Description Example
Link to a changelog entry Arx Libertatis 1.0
Link to a git commit commit 1a6c2a
Link to a bug report bug #1
Link to a crash report crash report #253
Link to a feature request feature request #356
Add a download box
FreeBSD icon and text FreeBSD
Linux icon and text Linux
Mac OS X icon and text macOS
Windows icon and text Windows
Wine icon and text Wine
Add a predefined icon


Code Description Example
Link to a script command spellcast


Code Description Example
Include the icon of a single rune Taar Rune (missile)
Include the "meaning" of a single rune missile
Include the name of a single rune Taar
Link to one or more runes Aam Rune (create)Taar Rune (missile) Aam Taar (create missile)
Include the rune sequence for a spell Aam Rune (create)Yok Rune (fire)Taar Rune (missile) Aam Yok Taar (create fire missile)
Link to a spell Fireball (Aam Rune (create)Yok Rune (fire)Taar Rune (missile))