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The teleport script command is used to move the caller or player to a new position or area for an entity. The special target behind can be used to teleport behind the player.

By default, the -l flags only sets the currently available area transition which causes a stair icon that the player must click to actually move to the given area. Use the -n flag to immediately transition the player to the new area. The available area transition is automatically reset when the player exits the current zone.


teleport [-api] [a?angle*] [!i?target]
teleport [-a] [a?angle*] behind
teleport -l[an] [a?angle*] <area*> <target>

Context: Any Entity


 -a: Set a new view direction for the player (even without -l or -p)
 -l: Make an area transition available to the player
 -n: Immediately transition the player to the given level
 -p: Teleport the player instead of the calling entity
 -i: Teleport the entity to its initial position


angle (requires -a) number or variable View direction to set for the player
area (requires -l) int or variable The number of the area to transition to
target (if not -i) entity The entity whose position we should teleport to

Area numbers

AreaMap level
0Castle of Arx0
8Council Room0
11City of Arx0
12Area 120
1Area 11
13Crystal Caves1
14Temple of Akbaa1
2Area 22
15Area 152
3Area 33
16Rebel Camp3
17Crypt I3
20Underground Lake3
4Ylside Bunker4
19Crypt II4
5Area 55
21Crypt III5
6Mushroom Forest6
22Crypt IV6
7Dwarven Mines7
23Crypt V7