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The rune script command is used to add or remove runes from the player spell book.


rune -a <rune>
rune -r <rune>
rune all

Context: Ignored


 -a: Add the given rune
 -r: Remove the given rune


rune string The script name of the rune to add or remove

The rune all command will add all possible runes.

The following rune names are recognized:

RuneScript name
Aam Rune (create) Aam (create)aam
Cetrius Rune (poison) Cetrius (poison)cetrius
Comunicatum Rune (control) Comunicatum (control)comunicatum
Cosum Rune (object) Cosum (object)cosum
Folgora Rune (lightning) Folgora (lightning)folgora
Fridd Rune (ice) Fridd (ice)fridd
Kaom Rune (protection) Kaom (protection)kaom
Mega Rune (increase) Mega (increase)mega
Morte Rune (death) Morte (death)morte
Movis Rune (movement) Movis (movement)movis
Nhi Rune (remove) Nhi (remove)nhi
Rhaa Rune (decrease) Rhaa (decrease)rhaa
Spacium Rune (field) Spacium (field)spacium
Stregum Rune (magic) Stregum (magic)stregum
Taar Rune (missile) Taar (missile)taar
Tempus Rune (time) Tempus (time)tempus
Tera Rune (earth) Tera (earth)tera
Vista Rune (vision) Vista (vision)vista
Vitae Rune (life) Vitae (life)vitae
Yok Rune (fire) Yok (fire)yok