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The playspeech script command is used to play a speech sound file for an entity.


playspeech <speech>

Context: Any Entity


speech path Path of .wav file to play, relative to speech/<language> and may omit the .wav extension

Sound is played in front of the player instead of at the entity's position if the entity is equipped, inside and inventory or not visible. Otherwise, the sound is played from the calling entity's position with the speak pitch configured for that entity using the setspeakpitch if that entity is an NPC.

Audio playback command comparison

play playspeech speak cine
Text shown with cinemascope on unless -t is used
Localized text entry required unless -t is used
Character is animated
Player camera is controlled with -c
Sample loaded relative to sfx speech/<language> speech/<language> sfx or speech/<language>
Randomized sample with -t if there are multiple
Playback speed (pitch) 1× or random in [0.9,1.1]× NPC pitch unless invisible or in inventory NPC pitch unless -o is used
Playback relative to entity (player if in player inventory) entity (player if invisible or in inventory) entity (player with -p/-o) camera
Playback position updates when moving ( if in player inventory) ( if invisible or in inventory)
Command executed on completion cine_end event