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The cine script command is used to play or stop a cinematic. Cinematics are an Arx-specific format for animated sequences of pictures and audio composited in real time to provide video-like cutscenes.

The engine can be told to load the cinematic and its images without playing it using the -p flag in which case the loaded cinematic can later be played instantly using cine play.

The game simulation is paused while a cinematic is playing but audio samples will still continue to play. Once the cinemtatic is over, all entities are notified via the cine_end event with path of the cinematic as the first parameter. Cinematics can be stopped prematurely using cine kill in which case no cine_end event is sent.


cine [-p] <cinematic>
cine play
cine kill

Context: Ignored


 -p: Only preload the cinematic and do not play it immediately


cinematic path Path of the .cin file to play relative to graph/interface/illustrations

Audio playback command comparison

play playspeech speak cine
Text shown with cinemascope on unless -t is used
Localized text entry required unless -t is used
Character is animated
Player camera is controlled with -c
Sample loaded relative to sfx speech/<language> speech/<language> sfx or speech/<language>
Randomized sample with -t if there are multiple
Playback speed (pitch) 1× or random in [0.9,1.1]× NPC pitch unless invisible or in inventory NPC pitch unless -o is used
Playback relative to entity (player if in player inventory) entity (player if invisible or in inventory) entity (player with -p/-o) camera
Playback position updates when moving ( if in player inventory) ( if invisible or in inventory)
Command executed on completion cine_end event