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This page describes the playanim script command.


playanim none
playanim [-123lnp] <animslot>
playanim -e[123lnp] <animslot> <command...>


  • -1: Set the animation for the first animation layer
  • -2: Set the animation for the second animation layer
  • -3: Set the animation for the third animation layer
  • -l: Loop the animation
  • -n: Do not interpolate from the current animation
  • -p: Set an animation on the player instead of the current entity
  • -e: Execute a command after the animation completes. If the animation is changed this command is still executed at the time the animation would have completed.


Parameter Type Description
<animslot> text Name of the animation slot to use
<command> code One or more script commands to execute after the animation