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The playanim script command is used to play an animation for an entity.


playanim [-123lnpe] <animslot> [e?command...]
playanim [-123p] none

Context: Any Entity


 -1: Set the animation for the first animation layer - this is the default
 -2: Set the animation for the second animation layer
 -3: Set the animation for the third animation layer
 -l: Loop the animation
 -n: Do not interpolate from the current animation
 -p: Set an animation on the player instead of the calling entity
 -e: Execute a command after the animation completes


animslot string The animation slot to kill
command (requires -e) command A command to execute after the animation completes

The delayed command specified using the -e flag is added as a timer named "anim_timer_" followed by a unique number. If the animation is cancelled the command will still be executed at the time the animation would have finished.

Animation slots are set with loadanim.