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These script commands delay the execution of any following command on the same line.

playanim [-123lnpe] <animslot> [e?command...]
playanim [-123p] none
Any EntityPlay an animation.
speak [-tuphao] <speech*> <command...>
speak -c[tuphao] keep <speech*> <command...>
speak -c[tuphao] zoom <p0*> <y0*> <p1*> <y1*> <d0*> <d1*> <speech*> <command...>
speak -c[tuphao] <mode> <target> <d0*> <d1*> <speech*> <command...>
speak []
speak killall
Any EntitySpeak a line with text and/or sound.
timer [-mi] <count*> <interval*> <command...>
timer<name> [-mi] <count*> <interval*> <command...>
timer<name> off
timer kill_local
Any EntityStart or stop a timer.

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