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The drawsymbol script command is used to draw a rune symbol as if casting a spell for an entity. The symbol is drawn in front of the calling entity except for the player in which case it is drawn in the spell book. The drawing effect is only visual - to actually cast a spell use the spellcast command.


drawsymbol <rune> <duration*>

Context: Any Entity


rune string Name of the rune to draw
duration number or variable The duration that the rune should take to draw, in milliseconds

The following rune names are recognized:

aamAam Rune (create) Aam (create)
cetriusCetrius Rune (poison) Cetrius (poison)
comunicatumComunicatum Rune (control) Comunicatum (control)
cosumCosum Rune (object) Cosum (object)
folgoraFolgora Rune (lightning) Folgora (lightning)
friddFridd Rune (ice) Fridd (ice)
kaomKaom Rune (protection) Kaom (protection)
megaMega Rune (increase) Mega (increase)
morteMorte Rune (death) Morte (death)
movisMovis Rune (movement) Movis (movement)
nhiNhi Rune (remove) Nhi (remove)
rhaaRhaa Rune (decrease) Rhaa (decrease)
spaciumSpacium Rune (field) Spacium (field)
stregumStregum Rune (magic) Stregum (magic)
taarTaar Rune (missile) Taar (missile)
tempusTempus Rune (time) Tempus (time)
teraTera Rune (earth) Tera (earth)
vistaVista Rune (vision) Vista (vision)
vitaeVitae Rune (life) Vitae (life)
yokYok Rune (fire) Yok (fire)