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The player character's stomach can store up to 100 food energy. New players start out with a half-full stomach giving them a food energy level of 50.

The food energy level is constantly drained at a rate of 0.0008 * (constitution + strength / 2) per second, meaning tougher characters use up their food faster. This includes any buffs from items or spells. The food energy level cannot drop below -10.

When the stored food energy drops below 10, Am Shaegar (player) will complain about being hungry every two minutes. After the food energy level drops below 0 the player's health is damaged at a rate of 0.0008 * (constitution + strength / 2 + defense) per second until the player either dies or eats enough food to bring the food energy level above 0. Again, tougher characters with better defense starve faster.

Food energy level can be replenished by eating food items or by casting Feed (Aam Rune (create)Vitae Rune (life)Cosum Rune (object)). Food energy is limited to 100 and any additional energy from food disappears meaning eating food on a full wastes the food without any other effect.