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Enchant object spell
Mana cost
Mana drain
Script name

Runes: Mega Rune (increase)Stregum Rune (magic)Cosum Rune (object) Mega Stregum Cosum (increase magic object)

Description: Gives magic properties to an object in front of the spell-caster, depending on the reactive substances that are near the object. [e]


The effect depends on the reactive substance which was applied on the object before enchanting. Following substances can be used:





Casting < 50[?]

Casting > 50

Casting > 80

Golem's heart

Paralyse for 0.5 s on strike

Paralyse for 0.5 or 1 s on strike

Paralyse for 0.5 or 1 or 3 s on strike



+1 DEX

+2 DEX

+5 Defence

Bone powder

+1 STR


Dragon's bone powder

+2 STR

+3 STR


Amikar's rock

Weapon or piece of armour is fully repaired and made indestructible

  • A dragon's egg can also be used as a substance, but this only works on weapons made of mithril.
  • Once enchanted, the item can't be re-enchanted with another reagent.
  • Gold ring and silver ring accept life potion or potion of invisibility respectively as a reagent, as long as the player's Object knowledge skill is 50 or greater. Afterwards, they can be enchanted (regardless of caster level/level of magic) into either a regeneration ring (Durability: 30/30) or an invisibility ring (Durability: 10/10).
    • If any Enchant object spell is used on the said magic rings (as well as on the regular regeneration/invisibility rings), they are fully repaired. However, their durability is permanently halved, and the subsequent cast destroys the item. Neither caster level nor level of magic on the scroll has any influence on this effect.


  • Player's casting skill is always checked when enchanting weapons or armour, even if the spell is cast off a scroll.
  • When enchanting a weapon with a casting skill of 50 and using a reagent other than Bone powder or Amikar's rock, the resulting enchantment will have no effect whatsoever due to how casting skill check boundaries are defined in .asl files located in \graph\obj3d\interactive\items\weapons\ (still bugged as of Arx Libertatis 1.2.1).
  • Some weapons and armour can't be enchanted:
    • Bone
    • Bejeweled long-sword of extra damage
    • Bejeweled dagger of extra damage
    • Assassin's dagger
    • Ciprian long sword of Force
    • Achanta's sword of drain blood
    • Feather-fine long-sword
    • Slayer blade
    • Cursed saber
    • Light leather leggings of extra protection
    • Light leather chest of extra protection
    • Magic plated leggings of extra protection
    • Magic plated chest of extra protection
    • Magic plated helmet of extra protection
    • Ylside leggings
    • Ylside chest armor
    • Shield of the Ancients
  • Almost all the bladed weapons can additionally be poisoned by using a green potion on them, provided the player has at least 30 Object knowledge. The greater this skill is, the more poison charges are given. No Enchant object spell is required and no casting skill checks are made.