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These script commands modify where execution continues next.

acceptIgnoredEnd script event execution with a positive result.
destroy <entity>
destroy <spell>
For selfDestroy an entity or spell.
elseIgnoredSkip the next command block.
gosub <label>IgnoredJump to a label and add a return point.
goto <label>IgnoredJump to a label.
if <needle*> iselement <haystack*>
if <needle*> isin <haystack*>
if <stringa*> isclass <stringb*>
if <entity*> [!]isgroup <group*>
if <entity*> istype <type*>
if <stringa*> (==|!=) <stringb*>
if <numbera*> (==|!=|<=|<|>=|>) <numberb*>
For selfConditionally execute or skip the next command block.
ifexistinternal <entity>IgnoredSkip the next command block if an entity doesn't exist in the current level.
ifvisible <entity>Any EntitySkip the next command block unless an entity is inside the cone of vision.
random <chance*>IgnoredRandomly execute or skip the next command block.
refuseIgnoredEnd script event execution with a negative result.
replaceme <script>Any EntityCreate a new replacement entity.
returnIgnoredJump to just after the previous gosub command.

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