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The Arx Addon for Blender is in a very early state of development.
Most features are incomplete or don't work properly.
Expect bugs and keep your blend files

How to use

  • Download the latest snapshot Development_snapshots
  • Unpack the zip file
  • Copy the plugins/blender/arx_addon directory into your blender addons directory.
  • Depending on your blender version, 64 or 32 bit
    • 32 bit version the bin/x86/ArxIO.dll file to the arx_addon directory
    • 64 bit version the bin/x64/ArxIO.dll file to the arx_addon directory
  • Start blender and activate the addon in the preferences
  • Unpack all pack files to a directory e.g. /home/USER/arx-data
  • Set this directory in the blender addon configuration

State of the Addon

  • Not optimized and might degrade general blender performance
  • The least incomplete/buggy part is static non animated objects

FTL Models

  • import/export mostly works for Static/Fixed models
  • Some data gets lost on import/export (Normals (TODO: expand this))
  • Double sided faces are not properly supported
  • Materials approximating the in game look are not implemented
  • Bone import/export only partially implemented
  • Model variants, head Swapping, body swapping for armor etc is not implemented
  • Face property editing is only partially implemented


  • Only import is implemented
  • Only partially implemented
  • Animation files have to be manually matched for compatible models


  • Only import is implemented
  • Object rotation is buggy
  • Proper object to scene linking is incomplete
  • Camera paths are not implemented