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This article tries to answer the most important questions about this wiki that might frequently come up.

Where can I find the password for the IRC channel logs?

You can find it here: IRC channel.

What's the password to register at the wiki?

The correct answer is: Freenode

That's the IRC network where the official IRC channel of the project is located.

Who can add content to this wiki?

Everyone who's interested in Arx Fatalis and helping to port the released sourcecode to whatever platform.

Can anonymous users edit the wiki?

No. You have to register at the wiki and acticate your account with a valid email address. As wikis are often plagued by vandalism that might be a necessary sacrifice we have to make. Most serious contributors have no problem with registering. And most trolls don't want to register a valid email address just to vandalize a wiki. So that works pretty well :-)

What kind of content restrictions are there?

You can add all kinds of content that is related to:

  • The released sourcecode
  • Arx Fatalis code & data structures
  • Tools & infrastructure that might be useful for development (version control, code documentation, unit testing, etc.)
  • Cross platform libraries that might be useful to port Arx Fatalis
  • Developers actively working on the Arx Fatalis sourcecode
  • Arx Fatalis (the game)

What should I keep in mind when editing content?

  • Don't be afraid to add new articles
  • Don't be afraid to add new content to articles
  • Feel free to add links to existing articles
  • Don't delete content from articles unless you have very good reasons to
  • When in doubt, communicate

I want to contribute, but don't know which articles need work.

This list of stub pages is a good start.

Which pages need contributions?

You can add to any page if you have something to improve, but pages marked with the {{Stub}} template could benefit the most.

Pages in the Image needed category could do with a screenshot or image to visualize the subject matter.