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Arkane used a 3D Editor called "THEO Game Maker" to create the .teo object meshes, .tea animations and .scn scene meshes used in Arx Fatalis. The animations are included as-is in the game data while the mesh files were baked into .ftl and .fts using a custom level editor titled the DAmnable but Necessary Arx Editor.

"The world was created using a tool called teo, a 3D editor similar to Maya, that probably doesn’t exist any longer these days." - Raphaël Colantonio

Little remains of THEO on the Internet but the tool can be seen in the making of Arx Fatalis documentary (original, youtube) included in some releases of the game.


Besides the documentary, some screenshots of THEO have survived:

Normal Theo scenes01.jpg

Normal Theo scenes02.jpg

Normal theo painter.jpg

Normal theo-anim.jpg

THEO dragon.jpg