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The shopmultiply script command is used to set the price multiplier for items repaired, bought from or sold to a shop inventory for an entity. The default shop multiplier is 1.

To buy an item from this shop the player must pay:

floor(floor(price · multiplier · (durability / max_durability)) · (1 - full_intuition / 200))

When selling a (stack of) item(s) to this shop the player will be paid:

floor(floor(price · multiplier · (durability / max_durability)) / 3 · count · (1 + full_intuition / 200))

For the shop multiplier to have an effect on the the entity must be set to be a shop using setshop. The shop multiplier may be set before calling inventory create or setshop on and is not reset with setshop off or inventory destroy.

Additionally, a non-zero shop multiplier also affects the repair price returned from the ^repairprice_<entity> system variable and shown in the HUD:

price · multiplier · (max_durability - durability) / max_durability

The calling entity does not need to be a shop for the shop multiplier to affect the repair price.


shopmultiply <multiplier*>

Context: Any Entity


multiplier number or variable Price multiplier for this shop