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The settrap script command is used to apply a red color when the player's technical skill is over a threshold for a prop. settrap off and settrap -1 disable the red color again.

The entity texture color will be multiplied by a RGB value between #966 (if the player's technical skill is exactly the same as the given threshold) and #f00 (if the player's technical skill is at leas 100 points above the given threshold). Note that this can only make the color components darker so objects without much red will appear black.

This is purely a visual effect to warn the player of danger - if the entity should damage the player when interacted with or stepped on then that needs to be scripted separately.

If both a red trap color and blue secret color are set for an item and the player's skills are above both minimum threshold then the item will be colored blue according to the value configured using setsecret.


settrap <technical*>
settrap off

Context: Props


technical int or variable [-1,100] Minimum technical skill required to detect the trap