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The setstepmaterial script command is used to set the step sound material for an entity. The step sound is played at times defined in the (walking) animation except for the player where it is played every 120 world units walked.

The sound sample used is configured in localisation/snd_armor.ini, localisation/snd_step.ini or localisation/snd_weapon.ini in increasing order of priority. Here the step material determines the section and the world material determines the key in that section.

For the player, the step material from the equipped leggings is used if not empty. Otherwise, an empty step material is equivalent to foot_bare and you need to explicitly set something like none that does not have a configured sound to disable it.

To set the sound material for collisions, use setmaterial. To set the sound material for combat strikes, use setarmormaterial and setweaponmaterial.


setstepmaterial <material>
setstepmaterial none

Context: Any Entity


material string Material to use for step sounds

Material names

The step material can be any string configured in localisation/snd_armor.ini, localisation/snd_step.ini orlocalisation/snd_weapon.ini, the namespace is shared with armor materials (when an NPC is hit) and weapon materials (when hitting the world, items, props or damaging NPCs).

Arx Fatalis comes with the following step materials in localisation/snd_step.ini:

  • foot_large
  • foot_bare
  • foot_shoe
  • foot_metal_plate
  • foot_metal_chain
  • foot_stealth

World materials

The world material for step sounds is water if the feet are under water. Otherwise it is determined by the first of the following strings found in the ground texture path:

Needle Ground material
stone stone
marble stone
rock stone
wood wood
wet wet
mud wet
blood wet
bone wet
flesh wet
shit wet
soil gravel
gravel gravel
earth gravel
dust gravel
sand gravel
straw gravel
metal metal
iron metal
glass metal
rust metal
ice ice
fabric carpet
moss carpet

If the ground texture path does not contain any of these strings then the earth material is used.