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ℹ️  This command does exactly the same as setstatus.

The setmainevent script command is used to set an event to be sent periodically for an entity. Initially, all entities have their heartbeat event set to the main event and dead NPC's will have it set to dead.

Heartbeat events are continuously sent to entities when the player is "near" them. Scripts should not rely on the exact definition of "near" except that all visible entities or those in the same room as the player are considered to be "near".

The rate at which the main even is executed depends on the number of entities in the area. To run commands at specific intervals use the timer command, with the -i flag if the same requirement of the player being "near" should be used.


setmainevent <event>

Context: Any Entity


event event The name of the event to set as the entity's heartbeat event