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The setgroup script command is used to add or remove a group for an entity. Entities with at least one shared group will not damage each other using (some?) area damages and spells. The sendevent -g command can use groups to limit the entities receiving the event and the if isgroup and if !isgroup commands can be used to check if another entity is part of a group. Shop containers can be set to only accept items of certain groups using shopcategory.


setgroup [-r] <group*>

Context: Any Entity


 -r: Remove the entity from a group instead of adding it


group string or variable Name of the group to add or remove

Special groups

Entities in the demon group are affected by the Control demon (Movis Rune (movement)Comunicatum Rune (control)) spell.

Collisions involving entities in the door group will cause the collide_door event to be sent to both the door and the colliding entity.