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The objecthide script command is used to hide the caller from view and optionally disable script events. Hidden entities will not be rendered and cannot collide with other entities.

The -m flag is ignored for objecthide off as the entity is always fully unhidden while objecthide on and objecthide -m on switch to the hidden and mega-hidden states respectively.

To only disable collisions without hiding the entity use the collision command. The objecthide off does not re-enable collisions that were explicitly disabled with collision off.


objecthide [-m] <target> <hide>

Context: For self


 -m: Enable "megahide" to fully hide the entity from others


target entity The entity to hide or show
hide bool Should the entity be hidden


In addition to to hiding the entity from view and disabling collisions, the -m flag also disables all script events for the entity except for reload.

It also disables detection of zone changes for the entity, which prevents the controlledzone_enter and controlledzone_leave events being sent to zone controllers when this entity is moved in or out of zones. The zone is updated for the current position and events (including enterzone and leavezone) are sent once megahide is disabled but no events are sent for intermediate positions that the entity was at while megahidden.