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The inventory playeraddfromscene script command is used to add an existing item to the player inventory. The item must exist in the current area or this command will have no effect.

The item will be combined into existing stacks in the player inventory if possible which may result in the original item being destroyed. If the item does not fit into the player inventory or is not an item that can be put into inventories then it is dropped in front of the player instead. Gold coins are added to the player's purse instead of the inventory. Equipment items are first identified before being placed in the inventory which, if successful, results in the identify event being sent to the item.

To create a new item instead of adding an existing one use inventory playeradd or inventory playeraddmulti.

To add an item to the inventory of a non-player entity use inventory addfromscene, inventory add or inventory addmulti instead.


inventory playeraddfromscene <item>

Context: For self


item entity ID of the entity to add to the player inventory