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Map of original Arx Fatals source file names to current Arx Libertatis files.

audio (Athena)

Original Name Current Name
Athena/Athena_Ambiance.cpp audio/Ambiance.cpp
Athena/Athena.cpp audio/Audio.cpp
Athena/Athena_DLL.cpp (removed)
Athena/Athena_Environment.cpp audio/AudioEnvironment.cpp
Athena/Athena_FileIO.cpp (removed)
Athena/Athena_Global.cpp audio/AudioGlobal.cpp
Athena/Athena_Instance.cpp audio/AudioSource.cpp (and dsound/openal-specific code)
Athena/Athena_Mixer.cpp audio/Mixer.cpp
Athena/Athena_Resource.cpp audio/AudioResource.cpp
Athena/Athena_Sample.cpp audio/Sample.cpp
Athena/Athena_Stream.cpp audio/Stream.cpp
Athena/Athena_Track.cpp (removed?)


Original Name Current Name
Athena/Athena_Stream_WAV.cpp audio/codec/WAV.cpp
Athena/Athena_Stream_ASF.cpp (removed)
Athena/Athena_CoDec_ADPCM.cpp audio/codec/ADPCM.cpp
Athena/Athena_Codec_RAW.cpp audio/codec/RAW.cpp


Original Name Current Name
DANAE/ARX_carte.cpp game/Map.cpp
DANAE/ARX_Damages.cpp game/Damage.cpp
DANAE/ARX_Equipment.cpp game/Equipment.cpp
DANAE/ARX_Inventory.cpp game/Inventory.cpp
DANAE/ARX_Levels.cpp game/Levels.cpp
DANAE/ARX_NPC.cpp game/NPC.cpp
DANAE/ARX_Missile.cpp game/Missile.cpp
DANAE/ARX_Spells.cpp game/Spells.cpp
DANAE/ARX_Player.cpp game/Player.cpp


Original Name Current Name
HERMES/HERMES_ClusterSave.cpp io/SaveBlock.cpp
HERMES/HERMES_hachage.cpp (removed)
HERMES/HERMES_pack.cpp io/PakEntry.cpp
HERMES/HERMES_pack_public.cpp io/PakReader.cpp
HERMES/HERMES_PAK.cpp (removed)
HERMES/HERMESconsole.cpp (removed)
HERMES/HERMESDDE.cpp (removed)
HERMES/HERMESmain.cpp io/IO.cpp (mostly removed)
HERMES/HERMESnet.cpp (removed)
HERMES/HERMESPerf.cpp (removed)
DANAE/ARX_C_loadsave.cpp io/CinematicLoad.cpp
DANAE/ARX_Snapshot.cpp io/Screenshot.cpp


Original Name Current Name
DANAE_Debugger/SCRIPT_DEBUGGER_Dialog.cpp script/ScriptDebuggerDialog.cpp
DANAE/ARX_Script.cpp script/* (many files)
DANAE/DANAE_Debugger.cpp script/ScriptDebugger.cpp

graphics (EERIE)

Old Name Proposition Comment
EERIEDraw.cpp Draw Low level render stuff like EERIEDrawSprite
EERIEenum.cpp GraphicsEnum
EERIEFrame.cpp Frame
EERIEMath.cpp Math
EERIEutil.cpp GraphicsUtility
ARX_GlobalMods.cpp GraphicsModes FOG related d3d stuff


Old Name Proposition Comment
ARX_CParticle.cpp Particle CParticle class
ARX_CParticles.cpp ParticleManager CParticleManager class
ARX_CParticleSystem.cpp ParticleSystem CParticleSystem class
ARX_Particles.cpp ParticleEffects Specific particle effect generation


High level graphics functions like makeMeANiceRainbow()

Old Name Proposition Comment
ARX_C_fx.cpp CinematicEffects
ARX_CSpellFx.cpp SpellEffects
ARX_Fogs.cpp Fog TODO: Meaningfull name
ARX_Draw.cpp DrawEffects High level stuff like ARXDRAW_DrawEyeBall


some hardcodet animations, should be abstracted and persisted (xml or such?)

Old Name Proposition Comment
ARX_SpellFX_Lvl01.cpp Spells01
ARX_SpellFX_Lvl02.cpp Spells02
ARX_SpellFX_Lvl03.cpp Spells03
ARX_SpellFX_Lvl04.cpp Spells04
ARX_SpellFX_Lvl05.cpp Spells05
ARX_SpellFX_Lvl06.cpp Spells06
ARX_SpellFX_Lvl07.cpp Spells07
ARX_SpellFX_Lvl08.cpp Spells08
ARX_SpellFX_Lvl09.cpp Spells09
ARX_SpellFX_Lvl10.cpp Spells10


Graphics data structure and manipulation (texture / mesh)

Old Name Proposition Comment
EERIEMeshTweak.cpp MeshManipulation
EERIEPoly.cpp Mesh
EERIEProgressive.cpp Progressive
EERIETexture.cpp Texture
ARX_C_mapp.cpp CinematicTexture bitmap , texture, uv stuff, even vertex for CINEMATIQUE
ARX_FTL.cpp FTL FTL file reader


Higher level assets managment

Old Name Proposition Comment
ARX_Scene.cpp Scene
EERIEobject.cpp Object Asset loading
EERIELight.cpp Light
EERIELinkedObj.cpp LinkedObject
ARX_Interactive.cpp Interactive gore stuff, npc, animation, io, camera, a lot of stuff
ARX_ChangeLevel.cpp ChangeLevel
DanaeSaveLoad.cpp LoadLevel Loads DLF Files, Level initialization, Progress Bar
ARX_C_sound.cpp CinematicSound used in c_cinematic and c_loadsave. c managment of C_SOUND
ARX_Sound.cpp GameSound Game related Audio Code. Probably better to keep the highler-level sound files ARX_* separated from lower-level Athena


Old Name Proposition Comment
ARX_Collisions.cpp Collisions
ARX_Physics.cpp Physics
EERIEClothes.cpp Clothes
EERIECollisionSpheres.cpp CollisionShapes also creates a Cylinder
EERIEPhysicsBox.cpp Box
ARX_Special.cpp Actors "ATTRACTORS" actor management with io
EERIEAnchors.cpp Anchors seems to do collision shapes and detection related things. i could be wrong though.


Old Name Proposition Comment
ARX_C_cinematique.cpp Cinematic
ARX_C_keyframer.cpp CinematicKeyframer
ARX_Intro.cpp Intro
EERIEAnim.cpp Animation
ARX_Cedric.cpp AnimationRender all kinds of graphics, a lot of animation.


Old Name Proposition Comment
ARX_Interface.cpp Interface
ARX_Menu2.cpp MenuWidgets Holds classes: CMenuZone, CMenuAllZone, CMenuElement, CMenuPanel, CMenuElementText, CMenuButton (etc). Should be split into seperate files
ARX_Menu.cpp Menu
ARX_MenuPublic.cpp MenuPublic
ARX_Minimap.cpp MiniMap
ARX_Text.cpp Text
ARX_ViewImage.cpp ViewImage
ARX_Speech.cpp Speech This isn't actually audio related. Text conversation rendering.

ai (MINOS)

Old Name Proposition Comment
ARX_Paths.cpp Paths
Minos_PathFinder.cpp PathFinder
EERIEPathfinder.cpp PathFinderManager

core (DANAE)

Old Name Proposition Comment
ARX_Common.cpp Common
ARX_Config.cpp Config
ARX_Time.cpp Time
Danae.cpp Core A lot of code should be extracted. StateManager(?)
DanaeDlg.cpp Dialog
ARX_Loc.cpp Localization localization (could also fit in gui?)
ARX_LocHash.cpp LocalizationHash further localization code
EERIEApp.cpp Application render code, input and window setup. a lot of this should go into state managment and window.
EERIE_AVI.cpp AVI plays avi files. could be put into audio and renamed to media ;) ?

input (Mercury)

Context creation, Window Management, Input

Old Name Proposition Comment
Mercury_global.cpp DXInputGlobal Some globals. No runtime code. Should be merged
Mercury_Main.cpp DXInput
Mercury_extern.h DXInputGlobal
Mercury_dx_input.h DXInput
ARX_Input.cpp Input Some input abstraction, but still contains DInput