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This page lists locations where Arx Fatalis resources are made available by Arkane, publishers or re-distributors.

Be careful when using any of this, as often no formal license is specified - if in doubt, ask Arkane / ZeniMax.


Official website (archive)

This was the official homepage of Arx Fatalis.

Available resources:

  • 1.21 Patch for the game data and binaries, in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Russian variants. Also has a "Multilang" version that includes all the previous languages.

Arx Fatalis downloads at Nordic Games

  • 1.17 Patch for the game data and binaries, in English, French, German, and Italian variants.
  • Arx Fatalis trailer, in 320x256 and 480x384 variants
  • English demo (packed up in self-extracting RAR archive - elsewhere it's a .zip, but the .pak files are the same)
  • German demo (self-extracting ACE archive)
  • French demo


  • Flash-based menu to access the bonus content (+Windows exe to run it)
  • gfx
  • screensaver - A Windows screen saver
  • Scribbles - Various sketches and concept art (overlaps with "scteches")
  • teaser - Trailers for for various games
  • wallpaper - 4 desktop wallpapers in 800x600 and 1024x768

  • Dox.doc - Synopsis, review quotes and system requirements in German and English
  • Artworks
  • Banner
  • Logos
    • ARKANE_LOGONB.BMP (3937x1575) - old Arkane Studios logo, black on white
    • ARXLOG_NUR_F_WEISSEN_HINTER.JPG (2048x480) - Arx Fatalis logo
    • JoWooD Logo.EPS (scalable) - JoWooD Productions logo (colored)
  • Packshot
    • packshot_arx.eps - Arx Fatalis carboard box image
  • Screenshots - what the name says

Arx Fatalis downloads at JoWooD* (archive)* (archive)* (archive)* (archive)

JoWooD site for Arx Fatalis (English/French/German) (archive) (archive)

DreamCatcher site for Arx Fatalis (English/French) (archive) (archive) (archive) (archive)

Akella site for Arx Fatalis Limited Edition (Russian) (archive)

Capcom site for Arx Fatalis (Japanese) (archive)


Steam hosts an Arx Fatalis Manual (PDF).

Common resources

Faceless Hero

(unofficial name)

Used in the loading screen for the intro sequence.


  • (640x480) (game)/graph/levels/level10/loading.jpg - with text: "Copyright Arkane Studios - 2002 - All Rights Reserved", "Arx Faralis", Arx Fatalis icon
  • (640x480) (game)/graph/interface/misc/presentation.jpg - same image as previous
  • (2362x1772) - same cropping as above, with text: "Arx Fatalis" (different font / text style)
  • (1920x1200) Offical Arx Fatalis forum background - cut of at the top, but show more to the right, no text
  • (640x480) - same cropping as loading.jpg, no text

Erzog death cinematic


  • (1116x822) (game)/graph/interface/illustrations/illust/herzog_mort.tga
  • (1116x822) - much brighter, less contrast

Sylib Nurath (side)


  • (800x600) (game)/graph/interface/menus/menu_main_background.jpg - with Sylib Nurath (front) faintly overlaid twice, with text: "Arx Fatalis"
  • (1361x1592) (game)/graph/illustrations/illust/sylib_profil.tga - show slightly more to the top and left, much more to the bottom, slightly cut of at the right side (not much detail there anyway)
  • (1361x1592) - same as previous
  • (1361x1592) - same as previous

Sylib Nurath (front)


  • (800x600) (game)/graph/interface/menus/menu_main_background.jpg - with Sylib Nurath (front) faintly overlaid twice, with text: "Arx Fatalis"
  • (1080x822) (game)/graph/illustrations/illust/sylib_noden.tga - just the front view of Sylib

Sylib Nurath (back)


  • (1090x830) (game)/graph/illustrations/illust/sylib_abre.tga

Descend cinematic

Part of the 2d cinematic during the intro sequence where the "camera" pans down through the various underground levels.


  • (1100x2770) (game)/graph/interface/illustrations/illust/introduction verticale_contraste.tga
  • (1100x2770) - same

Based on the Abaddon font.

  • (2048x480) - black background