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This page provides an overview of the file formats used by Arx Fatalis as well as references to the code responsible for loading them.


Ext Description Code
aef Audio environment parameters audio/AudioEnvironment.cpp (audio::createEnvironment)
amb Ambient audio audio/Ambiance.cpp (audio::createAmbiance)
ini Per-sample volume factors scene/GameSound.cpp (ARX_SOUND_CreatePresenceMap)
ini Collision sounds scene/GameSound.cpp (ARX_SOUND_CreateCollisionMaps)
wav Audio sample audio/codec/WAV.cpp (audio::createSample)

Audio environments (.aef) are not really integrated - only alley.aef is used.

Ambiances (.amb) have multiple tracks where samples are played at different positions - they provide the background sounds as well as some cutscene music.

Levels / scenes

Ext Description Code
dlf Level scene/LoadLevel.cpp (DanaeLoadLevel)
fts Compiled scene graphics/data/Mesh.cpp (FastSceneLoad)
llf Level lighting scene/LoadLevel.cpp (in DanaeLoadLevel)
scn Raw scene (TSCN) scene/Object.cpp (PAK_MultiSceneToEerie)

.scn files contain/reference the static scene including meshes, textures and portal data. These are pre-processed into one .fts file per level. Only the preprocessed .fts files are included in the game data.

.dlf reference the scene files belonging to the level and contain dynamic scene data: initial interactive object positions, paths/zones for pathfinding and scripting, fogs, lighting.

For some (all?) versions of .dlf files, the lighting data is split into a separate .llf file.


Ext Description Code
ftl Compiled object / mesh graphics/data/FTL.cpp (ARX_FTL_Load)
tea Animation (THEA) scene/Object.cpp (TheaToEerie)
teo Raw object / mesh (THEO) scene/Object.cpp (TheoToEerie)
too Raw object / mesh (only 3 files) scene/Object.cpp (TheoToEerie)

.teo files are not shipped with the game data, only the preprocessed .ftl files. .too is most likely just a typo.

Other files

Ext Description Code
asl Script scripting/Script.cpp and scripting/ScriptEvent.cpp
cin Cinematic (panning images during cutscenes) io/CinematicLoad.cpp (loadCinematic)
doc (not loaded?)
flg (only one file) (not loaded?)
ini Settings core/Config.cpp (Config::init)
ini Localisation core/Localisation.cpp (initLocalisation)
ini Minimap offsets file format (not in .ini format) gui/MiniMap.cpp (ARX_MINIMAP_Load_Offsets)
ini Texture "refinement" map (not in .ini format) graphics/data/TextureContainer.cpp (LoadRefinementMap)
pak Package / archive files io/resource/PakReader.cpp
sav Save files (.sav container) io/SaveBlock.cpp and scene/ChangeLevel.cpp
txt Credits gui/Credits.cpp (ARX_Menu_Resources_Create)

Also used but loaded by external libraries:

  • Standard image formats (bmp, jpg and tga), loaded in graphics/image/Image.cpp.
  • True Type (ttf) font files, loaded in graphics/font/*.